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Sales and delivery release for Firmware V2.2 for TIM 1531 IRC (6GK7543-1MX00-0XE0) incl. download

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The firmware V2.2 for the TIM 1531 IRC telecontrol communications module (6GK7543-1MX00-0XE0) is herewith released for delivery and can now be downloaded for free. The module is expected to be delivered with the new firmware as of August 2021.

1. Product description

The TIM 1531 IRC (Industrial Remote Communication) can be used for the operation of a SIMATIC S7-1500, S7-300/400, ET 200SP, or as a stand-alone device in a telecontrol system and handles the data transmission via the telecontrol protocols IEC 60870-5-101/104, DNP3, or SINAUT ST7. It features four interfaces for single and redundant transmission paths.


As a component of the SIMATIC S7-1500 system, the TIM 1531 IRC can only be configured with STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal) from V14 SP1. STEP 7 Professional V17 is required to use all functions.


Firmware V2.2 for TIM 1531 IRC includes new functions and product improvements for the general operation of the module. Upgrading to firmware V2.2 is generally expedient and recommended.


Improvements and bug fixes with firmware V2.2:

  • IEC 60870: Extension of trigger management for events:
    • Support of sequence number SQ=1 for events without time stamp to save data volume
    • Configurable holding time (delay time) for sending an event
    • Configurable fill level of the event buffer as trigger condition for sending the event
  • IEC 60870: When sending commands/setpoints (TC 45 – 51), transmission errors occurred when using an IOA (Information Object Address) > 65.535. This problem has been fixed with FW 2.2. The direction of reception was not affected.
  • IEC 60870: Adaptation of the timing behavior at the serial interface depending on the telegram length
  • DNP3: Error correction for event configuring (Class 1...3) with trigger condition "buffer fill level" in connection with holding time = 0
  • SINAUT ST7: In specific configurations with SCALANCE M/S, it could happen that an interrupted telecontrol connection could not be re-established. This has been corrected with FW V2.2.
  • Configuration: When configuring messages with the trigger condition "Partner reachable/not reachable", a partner-specific assignment is now possible.
  • Integrative threshold procedure can be deactivated
  • Local logging of security and audit events
  • Central logging of security and audit events using SysLog
  • Support of TLS communication with SIMATIC S7-1500 as of firmware V2.9


Security Notice

Correction of  SSA-200951: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Third-Party Component libcurl of TIM Devices:

Correction of  SSA-419820: Denial-of-Service Vulnerability in TIM 1531 IRC:

2. Ordering data 

Product name

Order number

TIM 1531 IRC



3. Download Firmware V2.2 

Third-party software – license conditions and copyright notes

Copyright notices regarding third-party software contained in this product, especially open source software, as well as the applicable license terms for such third-party software can be found in the ReadMe files. The source code of GPLv3-licensed OSS can be found in the download of the corresponding firmware.

Special note for resellers

The notices and the license terms in the ReadMe files must be passed on to the purchasing parties to prevent license infringements by the reseller and the purchasing party.

 Registrierung notwendig  OSS_TIM1531IRC_99.html (3.9 MB) 

 Registrierung notwendig  OSS_TIM1531IRC-TI_76.html (232.5 KB)


Download FW V2.2 for TIM 1531 IRC:

 Registrierung notwendig  6GK7_543-1MX00-0XE0_V02.02.09_OSS.zip (18.5 MB)(SHA-256)


4. Previous versions


2019-12-20: Sales and delivery release TIM 1531 IRC V2.1: 109774204 

2018-12-17: Sales and delivery release TIM 1531 IRC V2.0: 109762596 

2018-03-19: Sales and delivery release TIM 1531 IRC V1.1 and TD7onCPU V3.0: 109755374 

2017-08-25: Limited delivery release TIM 1531 IRC V1.0: 109750002 


Security information
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