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Delivery release for F-TM ServoDrive 1x24..48V 5A HF

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Product announcement: SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE F-TM ServoDrive HF. With the F-TM ServoDrive HF, the SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE family has a new member.

With the F-TM ServoDrive HF, the SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE family has a new member. The F-TM ServoDrive HF complements the drive portfolio in the field of protective extra low voltage and permits brushless DC motors with a rated power of 280W as well as stepper motors to be controlled in the smallest installation space. The TM Drive family's 3-fold overload capability and support of BiSS-C single-turn and multiturn absolute encoders extend their potential applications.

Like other products of the SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE product family, the F-TM ServoDrive HF is configured and commissioned via the TIA Portal. The simple connection to SIMATIC controllers and the integration in the automation platform reduce the engineering time of the SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE family and simplify commissioning and service. Communication takes place via PROFINET and PROFIdrive telegrams.

The F-TM ServoDrive HF is suitable, for example, for applications such as positioning, in production machines, for auxiliary drives or in additive manufacturing.

The F-TM ServoDrive HF drive control module of the SIMATIC ET 200SP will be released for sale in June 2021, including the TÜV-certified safety release for the hardwired STO function (SIL 3). Delivery will begin in July 2021. The F-TM ServoDrive HF technology module is particularly compact with its width of 20 mm and can control a drive with a phase current of up to 15 A in the nominal voltage range between 24 and 48 V.



MotorsBrushless DC motors & bipolar stepper motors
EncodersIncremental encoders, absolute multiturn via Biss-C, encoderless (for stepper motors)
Overload capability3-fold overload up to 15A phase current
IntegrationCan be used with all SIMATIC controllers via PROFINET-PROFIdrive, fully integrated in TIA Portal V16 or higher.

Developed according to new SIMATIC ET 200SP general conditions, can be used from -30°C to +60°C / 95% rel. humidity / IP20 / installation altitude up to 3000 m Use of SIMATIC standard components

CommunicationPROFINET with technology objects in the CPU via PROFIdrive telegrams
Certifications/approvalsCE, RoHS, silicone-free, use in protective extra-low voltage range
ControlEncoderless stepper motor control with integrated vector control.
OperabilityComplete configuration in the TIA Portal, no local settings, system diagnostics  Drive parameter storage
in the HSP and on the interface module of the ET 200SP and the integrated CPU variants.
UpdateVia TIA Portal and SAT Tool
SupportThrough SIMATIC TechSupport via SIOS Portal
SafetyIntegrated safety function STO SIL3

Other features

Permanent wiringAll connections are easily accessible on the BaseUnit and can remain plugged in when the device is replaced.
Compact designVery small size of the converter, no fans, convection cooling
PROFINET interfaceStandard communication via data block or PROFIdrive telegrams
Encoder interfaceIncremental encoders for demanding stepper motor applications
Parameter backupParameters are stored in the ET 200SP and are simply transferred when the device is replaced.
STO via terminals"Safe Torque Off" is available via terminal control.
SIMATIC S7 control systemsSupported control systems: S7-1200, S7-1500, ET 200SP, OpenController
Required Engineering LicensesSIMATIC STEP 7 Basic

Area of application

The SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE F-TM ServoDrive HF is a drive actuator which can be used both for brushless DC motors and for stepper motors in a single device. 
It can be used in numerous applications from the point of view of drive technology, to name a few:

  • Drives that must be operated in the safety extra-low voltage range – without touch protection
  • General secondary and auxiliary drives
  • Actuators (for one-time mechanical settings)
  • Controlled speed axes
  • Positioning axes
  • Drive and lift axles for AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) – driverless transport systems
  • Shuttles in intralogistics
  • Conveyor systems
  • 3D printing
  • etc.

Focus industries

  • Logistics (AGVs, shuttles)
  • Electronics
  • Battery
  • Handling
  • Packaging
  • Automatic assembly
  • Printing machines
  • Winding machines
  • Additive manufacturing
  • etc.


A BaseUnit of type U0 (6ES7193-6BP00-0DU0 or 6ES7193-6BP00-0BU0) is required to operate the F-TM ServoDrive HF. An overview of the BaseUnits can be found in the SIMATIC ET 200SP BaseUnits Manual.  

The shield connection (6ES7193-6SC00-1AM0) for the ET 200SP can be used to ground the motor cables. We recommend an additional strain relief.

Configuring/parameter assignment

  • The SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE configuration and parameter assignment is performed with the TIA Portal.
  • The configuration and parameter assignment of the F-TM ServoDrive HF is performed in the TIA Portal via an HSP.
  • The F-TM ServoDrive HSP (Hardware Support Package) will be available for download via the SIOS Portal at the start of delivery.

Product list: TM drives



Article number

Sales release:

Delivery release (expected)

F-TM ServoDrive ST

F-TM ServoDrive ST, drive controller for servo drives in the protective extra-low voltage range, 24 V DC to 48 V DC power supply to the drive, output current 5 A, for SIMATIC ET 200SP, with braking module, STO hardwired




F-TM StepDrive ST

F-TM StepDrive ST, drive controller for stepper motors in the protective extra-low voltage range, 24 V DC to 48 V DC power supply to the drive, output current 5 A, for SIMATIC ET 200SP, with STO hardwired SIL3




F-TM ServoDrive HF

SIMATIC F-TM ServoDrive HF, drive controller for servo and stepper motors in the protective extra-low voltage range, 24 V DC to 48 V DC power supply to the drive, rated current 5 A, for SIMATIC ET 200SP, STO hardwired SIL3

6BK1136-6AB00-0CU0 ReleasedReleased
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