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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109800479, Entry date: 07/15/2021

Upload Patch P003 for WinCC OA V3.18

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A new Patch for WinCC Open Architecture V3.18 is uploaded.
A new patch for WinCC Open Architecture V3.18 is now available. (July 2021)

WinCC OA patches are more than just bugfixes.  

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery makes it possible to deliver several enhancements of the WinCC OA Dashboard within this patch. 

  • Open Dashboards directly via URL
  • NOW you can access Dashboards directly via URL.
  • This makes it easy to use the Dashboard for static overview screens or line overview screens. 

  • SVG Widget Enhancements
    • Autocompletion in rule selector for HTML classes and IDs of the SVG.
    • Highlighting of selected HTML class or ID of the SVG within the editor.
    • Autocompletion in rule selector for data point configs.
    • The current DPE value can now be used as variable and therefore used to set selector directly.

  • Plant model available in data selector
    • The WinCC OA plant model is NOW available in the data selector.
    • You can use the modelled structure of your plant within the Dashboard to connect to the WinCC OA data

  • Visual effect for deleted/modified DPs
    • Deleted/modified DPs of already configured widgets are now visualized for easily and fast detection.

  • Add custom icon for each Dashboard
    • Option to select an icon for each dashboard additionally to its name and description. 
    • This icon is visible in the dashboard overview as well as in the “Favorites” sidebar.

  • Scrolling backwards in the timeline with the Line Chart Widget
    • The Line Chart widget NOW supports scrolling backwards in the timeline.

For more detail information please visit documentation.winccoa.com

Best Regards
Your WinCC OA Support Team 

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