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Delivery release for SINAMICS STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 and additive SSPs

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Delivery release for SINAMICS STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1.

Information about STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1

With this memorandum, STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 incl. the additive SINAMICS Support Packages (SSP)  

  • SSP SINAMICS V5.2 SP3 (update)
  • SSP SINAMICS G120 V4.7 SP13 (update)

is released for delivery.

SINAMICS STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 is backward compatible to the previous SINAMICS STARTER versions and replaces these.

The following drive systems are supported (newly added versions are marked in bold):
  Supported_Devices_V5.4.2.1_types.pdf (70,4 KB)

Further details on the supported drive systems can be found in the following Excel overview:
  Installed_Devices_STARTER_DVD_54020100.pdf (459,6 KB)

Secondary conditions

Secondary conditions according to the secondary condition list 109750851. The links to the list of secondary conditions for SINAMICS FW are in the SINAMICS STARTER readme file. 

Functional extensions

New functions with STARTER V5.4 SP2 H1: 

  • Support of "Application Integrity"
    STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 introduces application integrity monitoring. This monitoring is always activated in STARTER standalone applications. It checks whether installation data are changed (e.g. attacks by malware).
    If STARTER is operated together with STEP7 >= V5.7, application integrity monitoring is also activated.
    If STARTER is operated together with STEP7 < V5.7, application integrity monitoring is not possible.

  • Take over of the SINAMICS DCC information at the STARTER SW
    At the STARTER >= V5.4 SP2 HF1 data carrier, information was taken over from SINAMICS DCC. You will find this information at the folders: "03_Manuals_SINAMICS_DCC" and "04_dcblib".
    (This means that the delivery of the software package SINAMICS DCC V3.4 SP2 HF1 including SIMATIC CFC Editor V9.0 SP5 Upd4 is exclusively carried out via the delivery variant of STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1. A separate data carrier for SINAMICS DCC is no longer offered as of version V3.4 SP2 HF1.)

The following cross-device functional enhancements in the SINAMICS STARTER version are again pointed out:
  • Since V5.4 HF1: New project storage of STARTER
    We recommend that you convert all existing STARTER projects to the new project format and save them. In this way, you ensure that your STARTER projects are saved on the PC, independent of the availability of the Microsoft Access Database Engine (32-bit) 2016.

  • Since V5.4 HF1: Subsequent installation of an SSP with STARTER
  • As of STARTER >= V5.4 HF1, a subsequent SSP installation can only be performed individually via the SSP packages provided in the Product Support (SSP download). A subsequent SSP installation by calling the SSP setup from an SSP package taken from the STARTER data storage medium (DVD or STARTER Product Support download) is no longer possible.
    Separate subsequent installation of SSPs by calling the STARTER installation setup can also no longer be performed in the previous form.


  • Independent Windows program for converting SINAMICS trace files into the CSV format.
    The Windows program "Convert_SINAMICS_trace_CSV.exe" is made available in the .../Unsupported Tools/Trace_Convert_Tool/ folder with the STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 DL-DVD (or in the STARTER Product Support download). This folder also contains a Readme file that describes the application of this program.

  • Updating an existing STARTER installation and drive units (memory card) with new motors (and their motor data) of an already familiar motor series (only SINAMICS S120, G130, G150, S150):

    Updating the existing STARTER installation with new motors:
    Download of the current SSP from the Product Support. Installation of this current SSP with new motors for SINAMICS. These new motors are now available with their data in the STARTER offline catalog and can be used during an offline configuration.

    Updating the drive units with new motors (improved usability):
    If online mode is activated with STARTER, the STARTER SW checks whether new motors exist in the SSP. The version IDs of the motor data version are displayed (in the drive unit and in the installed STARTER SSP).
    This dialog provides the option of transferring these new motors (and their motor data) to the memory card in the drive unit. (You can also select multiple drive units for this transfer.)
    This new STARTER function is activated by default after the STARTER installation. This comparison function can be disabled for new motors via the STARTER menu Options-->Settings-->Workbench-->"Display Load motor data during connection".



Information about SINAMICS DCC V3.4 SP2 HF1

You can find information about SINAMICS DCC V3.4 SP2 HF1 for STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 under 109800947.

Installation versions

SINAMICS STARTER can be operated in the following installation versions:

  • STARTER Standalone
  • STARTER integrated in STEP 7 V5.x for applications with SIMATIC S7
    Important note for STEP 7 >= V5.7: STARTER from V5.4 SP2 HF1 supports the functionality "Application integrity monitoring"; See also the product note entry for STEP 7 V5.7: 109794088 
  • STARTER integrated in SIMOTION SCOUT or SIMATIC S7 technology.

Sourcing channels for SINAMICS STARTER

  • This current STARTER version can be ordered under Article No. 6SL3072-0AA00-0AG0 as DL-DVD – including license certificate.
    A license fee of € 32.66 applies when ordering (status: July 2021).
  • This current STARTER version (V5.4 SP2 HF1 or later) may be downloaded under 26233208.
    Anyone who already has any version of the SINAMICS STARTER license certificate  download this.

  • NEW:

    It is planned that STARTER can be obtained under item number 6SL3072-0AA00-0AK0 as a SW download product at OSD (Online Software Delivery). Delivery for this new supply route is planned for the end of 2021. The nominal fee is the same as the DVD reference above.

SINAMICS STARTER can be used free of charge.

Information on how to install and open existing projects

SINAMICS STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 can only be installed with administrator rights on the PG/PC.
User rights are sufficient to operate SINAMICS STARTER (exception: adding additional PG/PC interfaces).

SINAMICS STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 only has one setup for both installation versions ("STARTER Standalone" and "STARTER integrated in STEP 7 V5.x").

  • If STEP 7 V5.x is not available, then the standalone version is installed on your computer.
  • If STEP 7 V5.x has been installed on your computer, then the integration version will be installed/updated.
  • The minimum version of STEP 7 is V5.6.

Note on SINAMICS STARTER and other engineering software

  • Simultaneous operation of SINAMICS STARTER, SIMOTION SCOUT and SIMATIC S7 technology in a shared partition on one PC/PG is not supported.
  • SINAMICS STARTER and Startdrive V12, V12 SP1, V13, V13 SP2, V14, V15, V15.1, V16 or V17 can be installed in parallel on a shared partition and operated simultaneously. This is also true with SIMOTION SCOUT TIA.

  • Important note when installing in the SIMATIC PCS 7 environment:
    SIMATIC PCS 7 CiR-capability (Configuration in Run) for existing SIMATIC PCS 7 projects with Siemens drives connected to PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET IO
    User/project scenario involved:
    • The loss of the CiR capability of a SIMATIC PCS 7 project can occur when carrying out the following software update:
       Installation of this new STARTER Version 

      This installation also updates the SlaveOM (PROFIBUS DP) and DeviceOM (PROFINET IO) software components.
      If the existing project configuration is subsequently compiled, then version dependent, the internal configuring data is also changed. The generated configuration data can result in the loss of the CiR capability!

      Please use the function "Station > Check CiR Capability" in HW Config to check whether the changes can be loaded during operation.

    • Remedy
      Special notes regarding CiR capability are provided in System Manual "Process control system PCS 7 CPU 410 Process Automation".
      This "modified" configuration data must be loaded to the CPU once in the STOP mode. The CiR functionality is then available again for additional compilation runs and load operations. If this procedure cannot be applied to your specific system, then please contact Technical Support with an Support Request.

Minimum system requirements

The following minimum requirements must be complied with:


  • Programming device or PC with Pentium III min. 1 GHz (> 1 GHz recommended)
  • Work memory 2 GB (recommended 4 GB)
  • Screen resolution 1024 × 768 pixels, 16-bit color depth
  • Free hard disk memory: > 5 GB


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0 or higher
  • 64-bit operating systems:
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (OS Build 14393)
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC (OS Build 17763)
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Supported virtualization platforms

You can install the SINAMICS STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 and SINAMICS DCC V3.4 SP2 HF1 software packages on a virtual machine. Use one of the following virtualization platforms:

  • VMware vSphere Hypervisor ESX(i) 6.7
  • VMware workstation Pro 16.1.1
  • VMware Player 16.1.1
  • Microsoft Server 2016 Hyper-V

You can use the following guest operating systems to install SINAMICS STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 and SINAMICS DCC V3.4 SP2  HF1 on the selected virtualization platforms:

  • Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise (64 bit)


  • The same hardware requirements apply to the guest operating system as for SINAMICS STARTER V5.4 SP2 HF1 and SINAMICS DCC V3.4 SP2 HF1.
  • The system operator must ensure that the guest operating systems have sufficient system resources.
  • The use of manufacturer-certified hardware is recommended for the operation of Hypervisor ESX(i).

The executability in a software configuration other than the one above has not been tested.

Supported languages 

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Note regarding using STARTER in the SINUMERIK environment

In a SINUMERIK environment the STARTER commissioning tool can be used for diagnostics and optimization purposes. All work steps performed with the STARTER commissioning tool in a SINUMERIK environment are only designed for use in the online mode. This means there must be an online connection between the STARTER commissioning tool and SINUMERIK in order to use the range of functions offered. 
Once an online connection has been established, the trace, function generator, alarm diagnostics, etc. can be used in the STARTER commissioning tool, for example, for diagnostics and optimization purposes.

For basic initial commissioning (standard drive commissioning) and commissioning drive-based Safety Integrated, SINUMERIK Operate or SINUMERIK Commissioning must be used in the SINUMERIK environment. 
The STARTER commissioning tool is not designed to provide support for this work. The STARTER commissioning tool cannot be used for offline commissioning in the SINUMERIK environment.

For more detailed information, please contact your local Siemens Contact Person 

Security information
In order to protect technical infrastructures, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art IT security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions constitute one element of such a concept. For more information about cyber security, please visit
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