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Integration of a SIMATIC ET 200SP HA in TIA Portal

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The SIMATIC ET 200SP HA offers a flexible, scalable and fault-tolerant distributed I/O system. You will learn how to integrate the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA into automation systems in TIA Portal, how to implement a cross-channel and channel-specific signal configuration in SIMATIC TIA Portal, as well as how to replace I/O modules while in operation (Hot Swap).

The SIMATIC ET 200 product family has long been a corner stone for flexible, distributed solutions that can be customized for any automation task. The new concept of the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA combines this flexibility with highest system availability and an even smaller footprint. The new design allows up to a maximum of 56 I/O modules per station. An impressively high concentration of up to 32 channels on a module that is only 22.5 mm wide allows maximum space utilization in the
control cabinet.

The PROFINET communication standard is used for linking process signals to a superordinate controller, e.g. an S7-1500R/H.

The SIMATIC ET 200SP HA supports the following PROFINET functionalities:

  • simple S1 system connection
  • simple S2 system redundancy and
  • Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP)

This means that the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA can be linked both to standard as well as to fault-tolerant automation systems. Changes to the configuration during operation are supported if the corresponding prerequisites are met.

Through this application example you will learn step by step

  • how to configure the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA,
  • what diagnostic options TIA Portal offers,
  • how to replace an I/O module while in operation and while voltage is applied,
  • how to add and confifure an explosion-protected I/O module to your station while in operation and 
  • how to parametrize HART field devices with SIMATIC PDM.


  Documentation ET 200SP HA in TIA (2,0 MB)

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