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FAQ - firmware update F-TM ServoDrive ST (1.2.x) & F-TM ServoDrive HF (1.0.x)

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This article contains important information and notes regarding updating the firmware to version 1.2.x for F-TM ServoDrive ST, as well as F-TM ServoDrive HF Version 1.0.x

NOTE: As a result of the changed starting response of motors equipped with incremental encoders, it is absolutely crucial that the drive system is commissioned again after the firmware has been updated. When doing this, it is especially important to determine the commutation angle offset and correctly enter this into the online project. By carrying out this measure, you can benefit from the advantages of a faster start performance. If you do not wish to use the feature of the faster start performance, then you must set the check mark in check box "Encoder calibration at every startup". Otherwise, the drive can respond in an uncontrolled and unpredictable fashion!

With FW 1.2.x for F-TM ServoDrive ST and FW 1.0.x for F-TM ServoDrive HF, you have the option of identifying the motor encoder when commissioning the system. For example, for incremental encoders, the following encoder values are identified:

  • Commutation angle offset

  • Number of pole pairs

  • Encoder counting direction

  • Increments per revolution

During this process, the optimum commutation angle offset (angle between the Z track and the electrical rotor angle) is identified. This must then be transferred into the offline project and retentively saved with "Load to the device". As a result of the known commutation angle offset, the start performance after a power interruption or a new parameterization is significantly faster and more stable.

If you do not wish to use the advantages of this option, you must set the check mark "Encoder calibration at every startup" (see diagram). After being switched on, the drive then responds the same as with FW 1.1.x. (F-TM ServoDrive ST) or FW 1.0.0 (F-TM ServoDrive HF)

With firmware versions 1.2.1 ST or 1.0.1 HF, when option "Encoder calibration after every startup" is not set and the default value of the commutation angle offset = 0.00 °, then the module is not able to operate. Fault 1340 is output - "There is an encoder parameterization error". After changing the firmware (after an update or when a device is replaced), always carry out the encoder identification and accept the commutation angle offset or select option "Encoder calibration at every startup".

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