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Updating the PROFINET driver to V2.3

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As from V2.3, the PROFINET driver is available as development kit for PROFINET over RT and IRT controllers or PROFINET over RT devices. New Features: Support of PROFINET device

PROFINET driver for development of PROFINET controller or devices

Reasonably priced components represent a decisive competitive advantage, especially in the construction of series machines. In this case, users often use self-developed software. For various reasons, such as performance, flexibility and cost, the individual application is then implemented on standard PCs. The PROFINET driver supports this in-house development and does not require any specific hardware, thanks to the conventional Ethernet interface.

As the PROFINET driver is supplied as source code, customized solutions can be migrated to different operating systems and hardware platforms. Thus, the PROFINET driver can also be optimally used for customized solutions in the Embedded area. The driver is easily engineered and configured via an open XML interface without requiring an engineering tool. The long-standing and well-proven PROFINET stack of the SIMATIC is the core of the driver.

The PROFINET driver is ideally suited both for basic applications such as individual PROFINET lines, and for complex machines. Via the standard Ethernet interface, it supports PROFINET over RT for cycle times of 1 ms or higher. Alternatively, you can also use PROFINET IRT for cycle times of 250 μs or higher – in combination with the controller development kit CP 1625.

Controller Development Kit CP 1625

The Siemens SOC1 provides the hardware support that is required to manufacture an IRT controller. The controller development kit CP 1625 is suited for both stand-alone and host modes.

  • Stand-alone mode: PN stack and application run on the SOC1.
  • Host mode: The application runs on PC or e.g. ARM – the stack on the CP 1625.

Support of PROFINET device

With this feature, PN Driver enables customers to implement their PROFINET devices with the following features:

  • Linux Native variant with AF_PACKET interface & Linux IP Stack
  • Support of PROFINET RT
  • Example GSDML file with 1 Device Access Point (DAP) 
  • Example application with the functions:
    • Start/Stop Device
    • Set IP and Name of Station (NoS)
    • Send Alarm
    • Diagnostic Add/Remove
    • IO Data Read/Write 
    • Tracing Mechanism

Support of Debian 10

With this feature, users can run their PN Driver applications on Debian 10 with the following Linux kernel version:

4.19.0-17-rt-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Debian 4.19.194-1 (2021-06-10) x86_64 GNU/Linux

PROFINET General Station Description (GSD) Support V2.42

PN Driver V2.3 includes an example GSDML file based on the PROFINET Specification V2.42.

Technology certificate

  • Test Specifications for PROFINET, Version 2021-07-29 (V2.42.1)
  • PNIO_Version: V2.42
  • Security Level 1: Class II
  • PROFINET device
    • Linux Native variant with AF_PACKET interface (Conformance Class B)
  • PROFINET controller
    • CP 1625 Host (Conformance Class C)
    • Linux Native variant with AF_PACKET interface (Conformance Class B) 

Hardware Configuration in TIA Portal V17

PN Driver V2.3 does not introduce a new variant or a new feature for existing variants which requires configuration in TIA Portal; therefore, you can either use TIA Portal V16 with the Hardware Support Package (HSP0307), or TIA Portal V17.

Users can create their engineering projects by selecting PROFINET Driver V2.2 from the hardware catalog of TIA Portal V17. No additional entry is added to the hardware catalog for PN Driver V2.3.


PROFINET networks must be planned. For the PROFINET driver, this can be done via TIA Portal. A license is not required for this. The ConfigLib is an autonomous API for the creation of PROFINET hardware configurations. The ConfigLib allows to create RT and IRT projects, and sets up the planning algorithm.

Debian GNU/Linux 10 Support for PN ConfigLib

While PNConfigLib can be built and run only in Windows 10 previously, it can be built and run on Debian GNU/Linux 10 environment with PNConfigLib V1.2.

GSDML V2.42 Support for PN ConfigLib

With PNConfigLib V1.2, PNConfigLib supports up to GSDML V2.42. However, importing GSDML files having a version greater than that version is not prevented. A greater version support is possible with the conformity checks of GSDML V2.42.


Ordering information

Description Article number   Remarks  
 PROFINET driver 6ES7195-3AA00-0YA1Development kit in source code (OSD)
 SIMATIC CP1625 Dev. 6ES7648-2CF10-1BA0Hardware required for the IRT controller development (e.g. operating system porting) or standalone operation.
 SIMATIC CP1625  6ES7648-2CF10-1AA0Hardware required for the IRT controller. PCIe plug-in card for PC.
 PN driver runtime licenses, 1 unit 6ES7195-3AA05-0XA0Runtime license A runtime license is required if the PN driver does not run on SIMATIC hardware.
 PN driver runtime licenses, 10 units 6ES7195-3AA10-0XA0 
 PN driver runtime licenses, 50 units 6ES7195-3AA20-0XA0 
 PN driver runtime licenses, 200 units 6ES7195-3AA30-0XA0 
 PN driver runtime licenses, 500 units 6ES7195-3AA40-0XA0 



The detailed user documentation can be found in article: 109802424 

Patches & Download

The current version of the PN driver and the PNConfigLib can be found in article: 109802423

Programming Examples

In addition to the product CD, the programming examples described in the documentation are available for download in article: 109757568

Technical Support

Technical information and support on development packages are provided by Support Team:

Siemens Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Office Address: 
Yakacık Caddesi No 111 
34870 Istanbul, Turkey
Email: profinet.devkits.industry@siemens.com

PROFINET Certification

Comprehensive consulting prior to starting the development project is particularly important for an efficient and successful development process. The final step in field device development is certification. For PROFINET, Siemens also offers you independent, accredited test laboratories like ComDeC in Germany, PIC in the USA and ITEI in China, and an Test labs in the Czech Republic.

Germany and Europe
 Siemens AG
 Communication, Development & Certification (ComDeC)
 Breslauer Strasse 5
 90766 Fürth, Germany
 Tel.: +49 (911) 750-2080
 E-mail: comdec@siemens.com
 Web: www.siemens.com/comdec

 ANF Data
 Zelený pruh 1560/99
 140 00, Praha 4, Czech Republic
 Tel:  +420 244 091 111
 E-mail: anfdata@anfdata.cz

 PROFI Interface Center (PIC)
 One Internet Plazza
 PO Box 4991
 Johnson City, TN 37602-4991, USA
 Tel.: +1 (423) - 262 - 2576
 E-mail: pic.industry@siemens.com
 Web: www.profiinterfacecenter.com

 Siemens Ltd., China
 Factory Automation Department
 7, Wang Jing Zhong Huan Nan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100102, PR. China
 E-mail: profinet.cn@siemens.com

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