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TM Drives Firmware Update with TIA Portal V17

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With the TIA Portal V17, problems can arise when updating the firmware of the TM Drives under certain conditions. This article describes the error pattern and corresponding remedial measures.

Current error pattern

As soon as an F-TM Servo / StepDrive module has been configured and parameterized by a connected S7 CPU, a firmware update via the TIA Portal V17 is no longer possible directly. The associated error message during the firmware update looks like this:

A corresponding message "The firmware cannot be transferred" appears in the status window of the "Firmware loader".

Remedial measures for problems with the FW update with TIA Portal V17 

Action 1:

The following steps are necessary in order to carry out an update of the F-TM servo / stepdrive module in the event of the above error:

  1. First, the module must be brought into a non-configured state. For this purpose, there is, for example, the option within the scope of an ET 200SP to separate the S7 CPU from the network technology of the ET 200SP head module and to restart the ET 200SP. The PC must remain connected to the ET 200SP in terms of network technology. Information: The non-configured status of the module can be recognized by the fact that the green diagnostic LED is flashing.
  2. Then search for the ET 200SP head module in the project tree under "Online access":                                                                  
  3. Open the corresponding dialog by double-clicking on "Online & Diagnostics":

    In the tree menu of the online diagnostics, select the sub-item "Functions-> Firmware update-> Local modules" and from the list of displayed modules select the module for which the firmware is to be updated.
  4. Then carry out the firmware update using the following dialog:

  5. After the firmware update has been completed, the S7 CPU can be reconnected to the ET 200SP and the module can now be used with the new firmware.

Action 2:

If action 1 does not lead to the desired success, an attempt can be made to update the firmware using the current version of the SIMATIC Automation Tool. The SIMATIC Automation Tool can be obtained here 98161300
In the user manual for the SIMATIC Automation Tool you can read how the firmware update is to be carried out 109801801 

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