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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109804819, Entry date: 11/22/2021

Cost savings and digitalization combine in new ultra-compact point level switch

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  • Digitalize processes with compact cost-effective Sitrans LCS050, providing full diagnostics and commissioning via IO-Link
  • Detect foam, liquids or slurries and change in material type with the added ability to manage buildup for simple to troublesome point level applications
  • Ideal for a range of industries: general factory, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical

Siemens presents the new Sitrans LCS050, its next-generation, cost-effective capacitance point level switch offering flexibility for a wide variety of liquid applications. The device’s ultra-compact design, 360-degree visual indication, and chemically resistive probe are ideal for use in confined spaces requiring a small device with a short insertion length. Sitrans LCS050, with its stainless-steel construction, M12 connector, and threads starting at ½ inch, is suited for applications in a range of industries, from general factory applications to those in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical.

Sitrans LCS050’s user-friendly features include fast, convenient installation with no calibration or setup required: users can simply power up the device and their backup, safety or demand level needs are taken care of. The added IO-Link option provides the additional ability to finetune an application for more advanced measurement options including buildup handling or interface detection. Using the IO-Link digital bus on the device combined with Siemens configuration software, users can quickly set up the product for challenging applications, delivering full diagnostics monitoring to ensure reliability. With capacitance technology’s advanced frequency measurements principle, the device consistently delivers reliable, accurate monitoring, giving users the ability to predict changes in their processes. Sitrans LCS050’s intelligent operations bring digital processes to the next generation, allowing for advanced process monitoring from the cloud to the field.



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