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Configuration of S5 adapter module in an S7-400, in which 6 IMs are already configured.

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If 6 S7 IMs (IM460-x) are already slotted in a central controller, you cannot configure another adapter module IM463-2. If you attempt to, you get the message that the maximum number of IMs (6) is already slotted.
The adapter module IM463-2, however, is not to be considered as S7-IM.

Insert the enclosed file in the directory [DRIVE]:\<STEP 7 directory>\S7MET.


  1. Make sure that all the S7 applications are exited.
  2. Unpack the self-extracting file "S7MET.EXE” in the Explorer. After unpacking you have the file "S7HATTRX.MET”.
  3. Copy this file into the S7MET directory in your STEP 7 installation directory.
  4. Then start the SIMATIC Manager and the meta files will be newly compiled.

s7met.exe (40308 Bytes)

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