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How do you install, uninstall and upgrade authorizations?

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The following instructions apply for STEP 7 up to and including V5.2 and AuthorsW version V2.4.2 or older.
As from STEP 7 V5.3 the license key is installed with the Automation License Manager (ALM).

Installing the authorization:
When you initially install STEP 7, you are prompted to install the authorization. You can do this during installation of STEP 7 or later.

The table below describes how to proceed to install the authorization.

No. Procedure
1 Insert the relevant authorization floppy disk when requested during installation of STEP 7 and then acknowledge the request. The authorization is transferred to a physical drive.
2 If you want to install the authorization later, then proceed as follows.
After installing STEP 7 you insert the authorization floppy disk into the disk drive and call the "AuthorsW" program via the Windows Start menu: "Start > SIMATIC > AuthorsW > AuthorsW".
3 In the "Transfer Authorizations" tab, from one of the two list fields you select the drive on which the authorization is located (e.g. floppy disk drive).
4 Select the target drive in the other list field. Now all the available authorizations of both drives are shown.

Fig. 01
5 Mark the authorization to be transferred and click the "<--" button or the "-->" button according to where the authorization is to be transferred. Then close the dialog field.

Upgrading an authorization:
he table below describes the requirements and procedure for upgrading an authorization.

No. Procedure
1 The following requirements must be fulfilled:
  • The AuthorsW tool must be installed. If AuthorsW is not installed on your computer, you must first install it. The "Setup.exe" of AuthorsW  is available on the STEP 7 CD in the directory "AuthorsW/Disk1".
  • The "old authorization" must be located on the associated "old authorization floppy disk". If necessary, first transfer this authorization from your computer back onto the "old authorization floppy disk".
  • The relevant upgrade authorization floppy disk must now be available.
2 Insert the upgrade authorization floppy disk and call the "AuthorsW" program via the Windows Start menu: "Start > SIMATIC > AuthorsW > AuthorsW". Select the menu command "Authorization > Upgrade".

Fig. 02

Since the existing authorization is deleted and replaced by a new one during the upgrade, the authorization floppy disk must not be write-protected at any time.

3 Read the instructions displayed and click "OK" to acknowledge.
4 In the "Select Upgrade Program" dialog you select the relevant upgrade program and when request you insert the old authorization floppy disk. You are asked once again whether you really want to upgrade the authorization. If not, this is the last chance to abort the upgrade. After acknowledging the dialog you must not interrupt the process in any way, otherwise the authorization might be damaged.
5 Now, when requested, insert the upgrade floppy disk again. All the necessary requirements are checked and if everything is OK the upgrade finishes by activating the new authorization. Now the new authorization is installed on the drive on which the old authorization was located.

Uninstalling authorizations:
Please proceed as described below to uninstall authorizations.

No. Procedure
1 Insert the authorization floppy disk into the relevant floppy disk drive and open the "AuthorsW" program via the Windows Start menu: "Start > SIMATIC > AuthorsW > AuthorsW".
2 In the "Transfer Authorizations" tab you select the list fields "Source Drive" and "Target Drive" (floppy disk drive).
3 Click the "<--" button or the "-->" button. The authorizations selected are transferred to the drive selected.

You can also transfer the authorizations to other hard disks or network drives.

Recovering authorizations
If an authorization is defective, please get in touch with your authorization hotline. More information on this is available in our entry:

  • "How can you recover defective licenses and authorizations?"
    Entry ID: 772175.

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