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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 11514867, Entry date: 06/24/2002

Starting STEP 7 with preset start parameters

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How can you make a setting so that STEP 7 is always opened with a precisely defined project and not with the last one processed?

From STEP 7 V5 you can generate several icons of the SIMATIC Manager and specify special start parameters in the call line. This therefore permits you to open the SIMATIC Manager with a specific project and to position on a specific object in that project.

By calling s7tgtopx.exe you can specify the following start parameters:
/e <complete physical project path>
/o <logical path of the object to be positioned on>
/h <ObjectID> /onl or /off


  • Start the SIMATIC Manager and open the required project. 
  • Mark the required object.

STEP7_Parameter_01_e.gif ( 13 KB )

Fig. 1: Mark the required object
  • Using the key combination CTRL+ALT+C, copy the object to the clipboard (up to STEP 7 V5.1 SP2: CTRL+C ).
  • Create an STEP7 shortcut to the desktop by clicking any "free" point on your Windows interface: "Right-click > New > Shortcut" and link the icon to be created to the file called S7tgtopx.exe. The S7tgtopx.exe file is in your STEP7 installation directory, e.g. C:\SIEMENS\STEP7 in the S7BIN folder. Instead of creating a new shortcut, if STEP 7 is already installed, you can copy an existing shortcut: "Select icon > Right-click > Copy", click on a "free" point on your Windows interface and then "Right-click > Paste".
  • Open the Properties dialog of the shortcut by marking the icon and then "Right-click > Properties".
  • Place the mouse pointer at the end of the "Target" input line in the "Shortcut" tab.
Fig. 2: Properties of the shortcut
  • Now paste the contents of the clipboard at this point using the key combination CTRL+V.

Fig. 3: Pasting the contents of the clipboard
  • Now close the dialog box with "OK"

Now, if you open the SIMATIC Manager by double-clicking this shortcut, it will always open with the same project with reference to the desired object.

This information is also available in the Online Help under "Starting and Operating > Starting STEP 7 with preset start parameters". 



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