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Process Devices Integrated in the SIMATIC PDM V5.2  Process Device Manager  

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The SIMATIC PDM V5.2  Process Device Manager can be used to configure a multitude of process devices from Siemens and from other manufacturers under one operator desktop. The process devices are included via special device-specific, or via standardized Electronic Device Descriptions (EDD) and are either part of the list "SIMATIC PDM V5.2 - Integrated Process Devices" (attachment 1) or the current HCF catalog of the HART Communicaton Foundation (see Internet Site of the HART Communication Foundation under "HART Products").

When using non-Siemens devices please read the notes concerning warranty and liability in chapter 4 of the PDM readme file (supplement to the "General Conditions for the Sale of  Software for Automation and Drives Systems").

In the product tree of the SIMATIC PDM device selection the process devices from Siemens as well as those of other manufacturers are assigned to different device types (e.g. see Actuators > Electropneumatic or Sensors > Pressure in Fig. 1 of Attachment 2). All process devices of non-Siemens origin, placed with the relevant device type at the same hierarchical level as the Siemens devices, have a special EDD containing specific additional parameters of the manufacturer (e.g. for diagnostic purposes) which has been tested especially with SIMATIC PDM.
All other process devices of the list SIMATIC PDM V5.2 - Integrated Process Devices under attachment 1, as well as the process devices in the HCF Catalog of the HART Communicaton Foundation, are included in the SIMATIC PDM via standardized EDDs (e.g. PROFIBUS-PA, Profile 2 and 3). The HCF Catalog is part of the scope of supply of SIMATIC PDM. At present, it contains 683 devices (e.g. AMETEK _NEWTHERMOX in Attachment 2, Fig. 2), with a total of 1155 entries (e.g. Device Revision: 01 DD Revision: 0 and Device Revision: 02 DD Revision 01 in Attachment 2, Fig. 2) and is updated regularly by the HCF. A revised HCF Catalog can be used to update the existing catalog in the SIMATIC PDM. The current HCF Catalog can also be viewed on the Internet site of the HART Communication Foundation under HART Products.

Attachment 1, SIMATIC PDM V5.2 - Integrated Process Devices:

Device list.pdf ( 298 KB )

Attachment 2, Device Selection in the SIMATIC PDM

Device selection.pdf ( 186 KB )

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