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How do you generally parameterize the PG/PC interface and how do you ensure that the device driver can be selected and is visible?

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This entry includes instructions for assigning parameters in the PG/PC interface and describes the remedy if the device driver cannot be selected or is not visible.

A detailed description is also available in the STEP 7 Online Help.

General procedure for parameterizing the PG/PC interface

  1. In the SIMATIC Manager you open the "Set PG/PC interface..." dialog by going to "Options > Set PG/PC interface..." and select the desired interface in the "Interface parameters used" list.

Fig. 01

  1. If the interface parameterization you require is not shown, you must first install a module or protocol via the "Select..." button. The interface parameters are then assigned automatically. Select the relevant module and click the "Install" button. After installation the installed interfaces are shown in the "Installed:" window on the right.

Fig. 02

  1. Close the "Install/Remove Interfaces" dialog and then you can parameterize the PG/PC interface with the interface selected.

Notes on the automatic recognition of bus parameters

  • If you select an interface with automatic recognition of the bus parameters (CP5512 (Auto), for example), you can connect the PG/PC to MPI or PROFIBUS without having to set the bus parameters. However, with transmission rates of less than 187.5 Kbit/s you might experience waiting times of up to one minute. The requirement for automatic recognition of bus parameters is that you connect the masters to the bus which distribute the bus parameters cyclically, as is the case with all MPI components. With PROFIBUS subnetworks, cyclic distribution of the bus parameters must not be switched off (preset PROFIBUS network setting). 
  • If you select an interface without automatic recognition of the bus parameters (CP5512 (MPI), for example), then you must set or change the bus parameters in the Properties of the subnetwork.

If a "TCP/IP" interface parameter is shown, you should not remove it! This might affect the running of other applications.

Make device drivers selectable and visible

After installing the STEP 7 software it might happen that in the PG/PC interface a network card, TCP/IP Broadcom NetXtreme, for example, cannot be selected or is not displayed in the selection window. As a remedy we recommend the procedure below for enabling the device driver in Windows XP, for example.

  1. Open System Properties in the Control Panel.
  2. In the "System Properties" dialog you open the "Hardware" tab and then click the "Device Manager" button.

Fig. 03

  1. In the dialog that opens you mark the relevant device type under "Network adapters", here, for example, "Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet" (Fig. 04) and right-click. Uninstall the driver and then close the Device Manager.

Fig. 04

  1. Check whether the folders for the device drivers concerned are entered in the Registry. If there are no entries in the Registry editor for the network card or the entries available are not recognized by the system, then the device driver is not available in the PG/PC interface.

    Open the registry editor via "Start > Run... > Input: Regedit" and open the following code:

Fig. 05

  1. Delete the relevant folders for the network card to be enabled, as shown here in the example for TCP/IP Broadcom NetXtreme (Fig. 05). If there are no entries in the Registry, then it usually suffices to restart the PC after uninstalling the network card (as described in Point 3).

    If the folders of the device driver to be enabled are not deleted, then the system does not make any new registrations when you restart your PC. The Windows operating system ignores the Registry and there is no function after startup.
  2. Restart your computer. After the restart the interface you require (the TCP/IP interface, for example) should once again appear and be selectable in the PG/PC interface.

Note on Windows 7 64-bit
In Windows 7 64-bit the device drivers are not in the Registry but it are available as an XML file in the following directory:

  • "C:\ProgramData\Siemens\Automation\Simatic OAM\data\LogDevices".


We recommend that for open questions about device drivers in conjunction with the "Set PG/PC interface" function you send a Support Requestto the Siemens Technical Support.

Note on the Registry database
In general, no warranty can be given for direct changes in the Registry because this is entirely the responsibility of the user. In any event, you are advised to make a backup of the Registry before undertaking the actions described here. Furthermore, these settings are computer-specific. This means that when you copy the project to another computer, you must make the settings again.

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