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What steps are required to start up a WinCC station as OPC server or as OPC client (OLE for Process Control)?

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Steps required on the WinCC station as OPC server if you want to access this from another computer:

  1. The OPC server/client component must be installed (automatically installed at Setup with WinCC V5.0 SP2 and higher).
  2. The DCOM interface must be parameterized.

Necessary steps on the WinCC station as OPC client:

  1. The OPC server must be in the same network as the OPC client.
  2. In the WinCC Explorer you insert the OPC channel via "Right-click on Tag Management > Add New Drivers". Please select "OPC.CHN" here.
  3. Now open the OPC unit by clicking the + icon on the left of it or by double-clicking the OPC channel.
  4. In "OPC Groups" right-click "System Parameters" and the "OPC Item Manager" opens.
  5. Click the "Computer" button, enter the name of the computer of the OPC server and then click OK. This is only necessary if the OPC server is not operated locally. If used locally on the same computer, then double-click "Local".
  6. If the OPC server supports a browser, then this can be selected accordingly through "Browse Server" to offer the possible OPC tags in the "OPC Item Manager".
    If this is not the case, then the OPC tags have to be created manually.
  7. Acknowledge the subsequent "Filter Criteria" window with "Next->".
  8. Now you see all the tags that the OPC server has to offer. Select the relevant tag with "Add Items". Using the CTRL key you can select several tags at once.
  9. If there is no connection, you can set one up by acknowledging with "YES" in the window that now opens.
  10. Select an appropriate name and acknowledge with "OK".
  11. You should give a prefix for the sake of easy recognition.

The OPC connection should now be possible if the OPC supports a browser like WinCC. In the case of other OPC servers you must ask the provider whether this is the case.

Please note that this is only a rough overview of the necessary steps. More information is available in the WinCC Information System.

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