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Which protective covers are available for panels?

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Product note:
The option exists to fit a protective cover on some panels. This protective cover allows the panel to be used in very difficult environments where the front of the panel is exposed to mechanical and physical forces, which may have a damaging effect on it.

Fig. 01 - Protective covers

No. Protective cover for the following devices

Scope of delivery

Order number


TP170 micro
TP170 A
TP170 B
TP177 micro
TP177 A
TP177 B
TP270 6"
TP277 6"
MP270 6" Touch
(set of 2) comprising:
  • 2 cover frames
  • 2 base frames
  • 2 protective films, molded
    (for TP070, TP170 micro,
    TP170 A/B)
  • 2 protective films, smooth
    (for TP177 micro, TP177 A/B, TP27x 6", MP270 6" Touch)
6AV6 574-1AE00-4AX0
2 OP77 A
OP77 B
(set of 2) comprising:
  • 2 cover frames
  • 2 base frames
  • 2 protective films
6AV6 671-1AJ00-0AX0
3 OP177 B (set of 2) comprising:
  • 2 cover frames
  • 2 base frames
  • 2 protective films
6AV6 671-2DJ00-0AX0
4 MP277 8"
6AV6 643-0CB01-1AX1 up to development status E05 and
6AV6643-0CB01-1AX5 development status E05 and higher
(set of 2) comprising:
  • 2 proctective covers
  • 2 top frames
  • 2 bottom frames
6AV6 671-3CK01-0AX0
5 MP277 10"
6AV6 643-0CD01-1AX1 up to development status E06 and
6AV6 643-0CD01-1AX5 development status E06 and higher

Thin client 10"
6AV6646-0AA21-2AX0 up to development status E03

(set of 2) comprising:
  • 2 cover frames
  • 2 base frames
  • 2 protective films
6AV6 671-3CK00-0AX0

The current MLFB numbers of the protective covers for the MP 277 panels of development status 15 are not compatible.

HMI panels with stainless steel front:
The protective covers mentioned are not suitable for HMI panels with stainless steel fronts (INOX). The following protective covers are suitable for these devices.

The following PDF file contains installation instructions for the protective covers.

installation_e.pdf ( 440 KB )

The following PDF files contain dimensioned drawings for the protective covers.

No. Dimensioned drawing
1 Dimensioned drawing for TP070, TP170 micro, etc

Cover_TPxxx_MP270_6_Zoll.pdf ( 73 KB )
2 Dimensioned drawing for OP77 A and OP77 B

Cover_OP77A_B.pdf ( 94 KB )
3 Dimensioned drawing for OP177 B

Cover_OP177B.pdf ( 102 KB )
4 Dimensioned drawing for Thin Client 10" and MP277 10"

Cover_TP_MP277_10_Zoll.pdf ( 101 KB )

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