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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 12585481, Entry date: 09/16/2002

Sales Announcement: SIMATIC IT WinBDE (Production Data Acquisition) V7.1 Option Package for SIMATIC ProTool/Pro and SIMATIC WinCC  

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SIMATIC IT WinBDE V7.1 was also released by A&D SH as a SIMATIC WinCC option package in addition to the operation with SIMATIC ProTool/Pro. This release covers WinCC installations of version 5.1.      

SIMATIC IT WinBDE thus has the status of WinCC options and as such are available through the PT1 sales channel. As is the case for all option packages, the support is provided by the A&D Customer Support.   

SIMATIC IT WinBDE was system-tested in configurations with WinCC and ProTool/Pro. 

The option SIMATIC IT WinBDE is an application for recording and analyzing machine data.  

Product Description

General Information
The recording and evaluation of machine data and states are basic requirements in order to improve and analyze production processes. In a more and more automated environment, this provides the biggest potential for further increasing productivity and quality.    

Typical recorded machine data include:

  • Production Times and Downtimes
  • Maintenance and Job Preparation Times
  • Quantity Counters

From this data, for example, the following evaluations are generated:

  • Machine Availability and Efficiency
  • Machine Status
  • Error Analysis
  • Machine Comparisons
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Indicators

Product Forms

WinBDE Workstation
In this case, the WinBDE software is loaded on a Panel or standard PC and functions as an on-site machine data acquisition terminal. The required field data is obtained from the ProTool/Pro or WinCC application running on the same or another PC. The graphical user interface of the WinBDE Workstation follows the layout of the SIMATIC Panel PC, making it easy to integrate in the ProTool/Pro or WinCC application.     

WinBDE Supervisor
This product form is used for the centralized consolidation of the machine data - from different machines - and its comprehensive analysis. It also allows for the long-term archiving of the machine data. WinBDE Supervisor obtains its data from the subordinated machine data acquisition terminals running WinBDE Workstation.

Hardware Requirements (WinBDE Workstation)

  • SIMATIC Panel PC 670 (12" Version) with Keyboard; SIMATIC PC FI 45; Standard PC Pentium III 500 MHz or better
  • 256 MB Main Memory
  • Ethernet Connection with TCP/IP

Software Requirements (WinBDE Workstation)

  • Windows NT 4.0 SP 5/6 or Windows 2000
  • WinCC V5.1
  • ProTool/Pro V5.2+SP3 or V6.0

Hardware Requirements (WinBDE Supervisor)

  • SIMATIC Panel PC 670 (12" Version) with Keyboard; SIMATIC PC FI 45; Standard PC Pentium III 500 MHz or better
  • 128 MB Main Memory
  • Ethernet Connection with TCP/IP

Software Requirements (WinBDE Supervisor)

  • Windows NT 4.0 SP 5/6 or Windows 2000

WinBDE turns the on-site HMI operator terminal into a station for machine data acquisition and evaluation, without requiring additional acquisition systems.  
Individually configurable graphical evaluations permit runtime error analyses and diagnostics (ABC analysis, status). This not only enables a weak-point analysis, but also allows the system operators to directly influence the process by means of the HMI and thus minimize downtimes.   
The operator can also manually enter machine data at the terminal and, if necessary, comment on process situations and document error causes. 
Machine states, errors and manual acknowledgments as well as their priorities for the case of simultaneous occurrences can be configured easily. For each machine, the machine states are mapped to WinCC or ProTool/Pro tags. The connection between WinCC or ProTool/Pro and WinBDE is carried out via the OPC data access. Via flexible filter conditions, it is possible to define which machine conditions and errors are to be displayed and evaluated. Special views can be saved in runtime and are available for repeated later calls.     
The status analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the machine states and errors and permits chronological selections. 
The error analysis provides an overview of the machine states and errors with regard to their duration and frequency. 
The machine performance can be determined by means of a availability computation for adjustable periods. 
In addition to the machine-related evaluation, there is also a workpiece-related evaluation. 
The analyses can be printed out or exported to MS Excel. 
The recorded data is stored in a database and available for further evaluation through ODBC/OLE DB interfaces. A MS Access database is standard. The data can also be archived in an SQL2000 or Oracle9 database. For these operating modes, separate database licenses have to be purchased. 

Optionally, a production calendar functionality is available. For every machine, different shift models can be created.

SIMATIC IT WinBDE is fully integrated into the SIMATIC IT framework

Packaging/Licensing/Delivery Form
There are 4 different SIMATIC IT WinBDE packages, scaled by the number of machines that can be analyzed. The smallest package allows the data acquisition and analysis for one machine. The next larger packages permit the analysis of up to 8 or 32 machines. The largest package (WinBDE Supervisor) permits the analysis of up to 64 machines, where this package builds on subordinated WinBDE Workstation installations.       
All packages are delivered on CD-ROM. The delivery also includes a license key, which must be entered during installation. 

SIMATIC IT WinBDE is delivered in five languages - English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. The software interface is executed in these languages. The Online Help is available in English and German. The CD-ROM also contains the documentation in English and German.

Released Configurations
The following configurations between WinCC V5.1 and WinBDE V7.1 have been system-tested and released:

Scenario 1:
WinCC and WinBDE Workstation on one PC

Scenario 2:
WinCC and WinBDE Workstation on two separate PCs

Likewise, the configurations also apply to the application with ProTool/Pro.



Product Name

Order Number

- Workstation - 1 Machine
- Workstation - 8 Machines
- Workstation - 32 Machines
- Supervisor - 64 Machines


If you have additional questions, please contact your local Siemens branch. 

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