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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 12642694, Entry date: 09/16/2002

Sales/Delivery Release: SIMATIC WinCC V5.1 ASIA

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Effective immediately, the Asian version of the PC-based HMI software SIMATIC WinCC V5.1 is available for delivery.

SIMATIC WinCC V5.1 ASIA is offered as a separate package and permits the alternative use of the following system languages/fonts in the configuration interface and corresponding runtime environment:

-  Simplified Chinese

-  Traditional Chinese

-  Korean

-  Japanese

-  English

Function Scope:

The function scope of SIMATIC WinCC V5.1 ASIA  corresponds to that of the SIMATIC WinCC V5.1 standard version. For technical details, please refer the delivery release of SIMATIC WinCC V5.1 (see SIMATIC HMI aktuell, ID: 10087200).

Special Features and Notes:

SIMATIC WinCC V5.1 ASIA replaces the following preceding versions:

  SIMATIC WinCC V5.0 SP2 China/Taiwan/Korea

  SIMATIC WinCC V5.0 SP2 Japan

Required for the operation of SIMATIC WinCC V5.1  ASIA in one of the above listed languages is either

  the corresponding Asian language version of the operating system MS Windows 2000 SP2


  MS Windows NT4 SP6a (for the conversion of old projects)


  the multilingual operating system version of MS Windows 2000 SP2.

Also required is the MS Internet Explorer 6.0.

Only one of the languages Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese offered by SIMATIC WinCC V5.1 ASIA must be installed at the same time.   

The Online Help is available in all of the above listed languages; the printed documentation in the various languages can be ordered separately from the respective LGs ( 134 KB ) . 

For support questions pertaining to the indirect export to Asia, please use the following e-mail address: simatichmi.asiasupport@khe.siemens.de


Ordering Data for SIMATIC WinCC V5.1 ASIA ( 192 KB )

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