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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 12748243, Entry date: 12/06/2002

Release for general availability SinTDI Version 1.6

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Effective immediately, the SINTDI V1.6 and ToolSIM V1.6 software for SINUMERIK 840D/810D/840DI
with OP 031/032S and MMC 103 and OP 010, 012,015 and PCU 50 will be released for general availability.
The essential new feature with respect to 1.5 is the fact that SinTDI has been released for ShopMill from V05.01

New functions/features in SW release V1.6

1.1 Basic SINTDI version

Expanded functions/features for SinTDI running in conjunction with ShopMill for the following functions:

  • To plan the tool requirement
  • Transferring TO data from the tool setting station to load individual tools up to complete sets of tools
    (the load/unload ID in the tool overview will only be visible from ShopMill Version V5.3.)

Depending on the particular ShopMill version, SinTDI is called in different ways:

  • For ShopMill classic, SinTDI only runs in the MMC 103 mode, this means that in order to be able to call SinTDI, then the system must be switched-over into CNC-ISO.
  • For ShopMill open, SinTDI can be called using a function button in the task bar.

1.2 ToolSIM

Debug for special NC program sequences/operations

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