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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 13091665, Entry date: 10/08/2002

New Firmware and Toolbox V3.08 for FM-NC  

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New firmware and a Toolbox, version 3.08 is now available for the SINUMERIK FM-NC automation system. This particular version resolves the compatibility problems with the SIMATIC CPUs which are presently being shipped. However, the CPU 318 in conjunction with the FM-NC SINUMERIK automation system has still not been released.

The new firmware and the Toolbox, Version 3.08 will not be introduced into the module production, but can however be normally ordered. The FM modules will still be shipped with the Firmware Version 3.07 in order to ensure compatibility with the modules available in the field (i.e. the installed base in the field). This means that the firmware and the Toolbox Version 3.07 will still be able to be ordered.
If problems associated with incompatibility occur with the CPUs presently being shipped when re-installing or newly installing software or when replacing S7-CPUs, then we recommend that customers upgrade to the new firmware version 3.08. When upgrading, the following must be taken into consideration: 
  • Version 3.08 of the Toolbox and the main program is mandatory when using Firmware 3.08
  • When using the FM 354 as 5th axis, Firmware Version 3.07 is mandatory for this module
    Note: The FM354 Firmware can only be subsequently upgraded with help from the Customer Support – i.e. customers cannot do this upgrade themselves. 

Order numbers: 


Toolbox, Runtime license V3.08


Runtime Software on PCMCIA, V3.08

Order Nos. Version 3.07 (version supplied): 


Toolbox, actual software release


Toolbox, Runtime license V3.07


Runtime Software on PCMCIA, actual Version


Runtime Software on PCMCIA, V3.07

The following problems were resolved:

  • Compatibility problems with the actual SIMATIC CPUs 
  • Problems encountered when using 2 FM-NC with one CPU 

Information regarding software compatibility issues is provided in the following file:

Kompatibilitätsliste_76.doc ( 46 KB )

Information on the upgrade is provided in the following file:

HochrüstanleitungFM-NC_76.doc ( 80 KB )

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