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Archiving of String-tags with ProTool

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How can I archive with ProTool String-tags?

The archiving of String tags can be performed in ProTool with a script.

Function description of the script:

  • For each month, a new archive file is created.
  • The file name is put together from the month and the year in which the tag values were saved.
  • The script is called by the tag 'VAR1'(STRING Variable) during a modification of a value.
  • In the script itself the archive file is created or -if already existing -it is opened. The tag VAR1 is saved in the archive file with date and time; the file is then shut again.
  • When calling the script, the location of deposition of the archive file has to be adjusted according to the user's wishes. Additionally, the tags to be archived have to be entered in this script instead of the tags VAR1.

The Visual Basic - commands for WinCE differ from the Visual Basic - commands for PCs.

The download includes a self-extracting ProTool V6.0 SP2 PC project and MP370 Touch project with the script and functionalities described above. The download also includes two .pdf files containing the source text of the script for WinCE devices and PCs.


Copy the "pc_v_6_03.exe" file into a separate directory and unpack it in a separate folder.

This example has been created and tested in ProTool/Pro V6.0 SP2.

csv file, Excel, Storage card 2, CF Card, Memory card, OP270, MP270, TP270, MP370, Panels, Windows-based devices, Windows CE, Store values in file, ProTool Lite, ProTool/Pro Runtime

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