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Changing the keyboard layout of the Windows logon mask

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There is always the English keyboard layout enabled in the logon mask of the PC, even though the German keyboard layout has been set after logon. How can I set the keyboard layout of the Windows logon mask?

The keyboard layout for the logon mask is defined in the Registry of your computer. The Registry is read each time the PC is started, i.e. the settings stored in the Registry are adopted. 

If you need a German keyboard layout for logon, then change the following entries in the Registry after logging on to the PC:

  1. Click "Start > Run".
  2. Enter "regedit" in the dialog box that opens.

Fig. 1: Starting the Registry editor 

  1. Navigate in the Registry to the path: "HKEY_USERS\ .DEFAULT\ Keyboard Layout\ Preload"

Fig. 2: Registry editor

  1. The value 00000409 is set under the name "1". This means that the English keyboard layout will be loaded for the logon mask. Change this value to 00000407 to enable the German keyboard layout.
  2. For this you double-click the "1".
  3. Enter the value 00000407 in the window that opens. 

Fig. 3: Edit character string

  1. Double-click the name "2" and enter the value 00000409.

Fig. 4: Set values

  1. Close the Registry editor and restart your PC. Now the German keyboard layout is enabled in the logon mask. 

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