Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 13605205, Entry date: 11/25/2002

Updating tags when a controller fails

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Do the tags on the panel continue to be updated if the panel is communicating with multiple controllers and one of these controllers fails?

The panel is linked to multiple controllers. Values from the various controllers are displayed simultaneously on the panel. If one of the controllers fails, the following cases are possible:

Behavior of line and graphics devices

  • These devices display a message indicating that the connection to the failed controller has been interrupted. None of the tags in this picture will be updated, i.e. not even the tags that can still communicate with their respective controllers. 
  • If you now specify values for the tags that can no longer communicate with a controller, an error message is issued. 
  • For the tags that still have a connection to their respective controllers, no message is issued when you enter values. The new value is transferred to the controller, but not correctly displayed on the panel. 
  • Those pictures that do not contain information from the failed controller continue to be updated.

Behavior of WinCE devices

  • In the case of WinCE devices, a message is issued indicating that the connection to the failed controller has been interrupted. 
  • The values of tags not communicating with the failed controller continue to be updated. 
  • To prevent the message about the failure of the controller being displayed when operating the panel, you can disconnect the failed controller from the panel using the ProTool function "Disconnect_connect_controller".