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Display of help texts for a certain image object on a Touch Panel

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How can I display help texts for a certain image object on a Touch Panel?

In ProTool, you can use the function "Display Help". When configuring this function for a button, the help text configured for the active image on the panel is displayed. The help appears also when the image object is selected first.

For the image object to stay selected while pressing the help button, configure the function "Imageselect_fixed" with the following parameters: 

  • Imagename = active image 
  • Fieldnumber =  "Tab order" number of image object (Menue Edit > Tab order

Please also configure the function "Display help text" for this button.

The following is an example for a project created under ProTool V6.0 SP1 to display help texts for image objects on a TP170Bcolor:

TP170Bcolor.exe ( 37 KB )  

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