Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 13739550, Entry date: 11/25/2002

DriveES Graphic, copying charts.

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A Masterdrives CUVC, V3.3 with DriveES interface is inserted in a Step7 project. A chart folder is set-up below this. I now wish to copy one of the charts from the project example of the DriveES Graphic CD into an empty chart folder. That doesn't work. The error message says that 162 blocks were not able to be copied.

The same behavior occurs for a Masterdrives MC V1.6.

Charts can only be copied if they are generated in the same language. The project examples are in English so that it is not possible to copy them into a "German" chart.

After opening the chart, in CFC, it is possible to change the language used when setting-up blocks. This is also explained in the first sheet of partial chart A in the project example in a command window.