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Settings required for implementation of the ProTool function "Start Program"

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Why doesn’t a program enabled with the ProTool function "Start Program" start?

In rare cases it might that a program enabled with the "Start Program" function does not start.
In the following, remedies are given based on the "MOVITOOLS" program. The procedure is the same for other programs that behave in the same way.

Option 1: Adding parameters to the system variable "Path"

In a ProTool PC project, you must configure the "Start Program" function with the program path as parameter:
e.g. "C:\Programs\SEW\MOVITOOLS\Bin\mtmanagr.exe". 

Furthermore, you must make the following settings on you PC:

  • Open the "Control Panel".
  • Double-click the "System" icon.
  • Switch to the "Advanced" tab and click on the "Environment Variables" button.
  • In the "System variables" field, select the "Path" variable and click on "Edit".

Fig. 1: System variables

  • Now at the end of the "Variable Value" input line you add the path to the program files (DLLs) of the program to be started: ";C:\Programs\SEW\MOVITOOLS\Bin\System".

    The value of the "Path" variable contains the path that contains the DLL files for the "MOVITOOLS" program. 

Fig. 2: Editing the system variable

  • Close the dialogs with "OK" and restart your PC.

Option 2: Calling the program via a batch file

In a ProTool/Pro PC project, you configure the "Start Program" function with the path of the batch file as parameter:
e.g. "C:\Movitools.bat". The batch file contains the program call.

Example for the batch file "Movitools.bat" 

// Switch to the drive on which the program is installed 

// Switch to the folder in which the executable program is installed

// Program call

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