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Why are fonts and objects shown shifted on a PC Runtime system or operator panel?

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Set screen display

If project texts and picture objects are displayed shifted on a PC Runtime station or operator panel, this might be due to one of the causes below.

  • "Normal size (96 DPI)" is set for the DPI setting on the configuration computer.
  • The DPI setting is set to "Large size (120 DPI)" on the visualization PC on which PC Runtime is running.

The "Large size (120 DPI)" setting for the DPI setting on the visualization PC causes all the fonts in the project to be displayed enlarged. Thus the configured fields are too small for the character strings.

Original with 96DPI Enlarged with 120DPI
The example has been created, generated and displayed with 96 DPI.

Fig. 01

The example has been created and generated with 96 DPI, but enlarged through the operating system setting (120 DPI).

Fig. 02

The "Large size (120 DPI)" setting for the DPI setting can also cause shifting of the picture elements.

Make sure that the same DPI settings and the same font size are always set on the configuration PC and the visualization PC or operator panel, on which the PC Runtime is running.

Windows CE-based operator panels like the Comfort Panels, for example, use the DPI setting "Normal size (96 DPI)".
The configurations should therefore be made on a configuration computer with the DPI setting "Normal size (96 DPI)" and font size "Normal".

Setting in the different Windows operating systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP

Windows 10
  • Open the dialog: "Start > Settings > System > Screen".
  • Select 100% for the setting "Change size of text, apps and other elements".

Windows 7
  • Open the dialog: "Start > Control Panel > Display: Small Symbols > Display".
  • Here you select "Less than - 100% (standard)" and confirm with "Apply".

    If you want to check the actual DPI settings, click the link on the left: "Define user-defined font size (DPI)". The DPI value is output under the ruler.

    The display is shifted in PC Runtime with Windows 7 only if the option "Use DPI scaling in Windows XP style" is enabled.
    If you do not enable this option, the Runtime is scaled linearly like a graph and is therefore displayed slightly out of focus. The display is not shifted.

Win XP

  • Open the dialog: "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Tab: Settings > Button: Advanced > Tab: General"
  • Under "Display" you select "Normal size (96 DPI)" for the DPI setting.

Fig. 03

  • Then open the dialog: "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Tab: Appearance".
  • Select "Normal" for the font size.

Fig. 04

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