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Entry type: Product note, Entry ID: 14001992, Entry date: 01/08/2003

Diagnostic Repeater Stage 2 for PROFIBUS-DP Now Available  

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The diagnostic repeater for the diagnostics of PROFIBUS-DP lines (RS 485) is now available in the new product stage 2 under the order no. 6ES7 972-0AB01-0XA0. It features a number of new functions which are only available in conjunction with the new STEP7 version V5.2.
The new diagnostic repeater is upwardly compatible with the existing version with order no. 6ES7 972-0AB00-0XA0. The new version replaces the previous one, the supply of which will be discontinued.

New functions

  • Reading and writing of the bus topology, consisting of the device name (e.g. ET 200S), party address, distances, sequence of the parties.
  • Reading and writing of events in the form of a diagnostic buffer, incl. time tag (date and time of the fault occurrence).
  • Reading and writing of statistical information (reflection and message frame fault rate) with statements about the quality of the bus system.
  • Monitoring of isochrone PROFIBUS systems, i.e. detection and signalling of faults on a equidistant bus cycle.
  • The new information can be read out and displayed in graphical form with STEP7 V5.2. Furthermore, the information can also be read out with the S7 user program and saved for further processing, e.g. in a data block of the PLC.

Note concerning the design guidelines
The design guidelines of the existing version are also applicable to the new diagnostic repeater, e.g.  max. cable length of 100m of the DP2/DP3 segment to be diagnosed.

The table below lists the SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS cables for use in conjunction with the diagnostic repeater:

Cable Type

Order No. (MLFB)

Max. Cable Length

FC Standard Cable

6XV1 830-0EH10



6XV1 830-0LH10


FC Food Cable

6XV1 830-0GH10


FC Robust Cable

6XV1 830-0JH10


FC Underground Cable

6XV1 830-3FH10


FC Trailing Cable

6XV1 830-3EH10


Festoon Cable

6XV1 830-3GH10


Flexible Cable



SIENOPYRFR cable for ships



FC Process Cable
for IEC 61158-2

6XV1 830-5EH10
6XV1 830-5FH10

not permitted

Cable for festoon suspension

6XV1 830-3CH10

not permitted

If cables are to be used that are not listed in the above table, the following technical specifications must be met:

Technical Specifications of the Cable



at 16 MHz
at 4 MHz
at 38.4 kHz
at 9.6 kHz


 < 42 dB/km
 < 22 dB/km
 < 4 dB/km
 < 2.5 dB/km

Wave impedance:

at 3 to 20 MHz
at 38.4 kHz
at 9.6 kHz


 150 ± 15 Ohm
 185 ± 18.5 Ohm
 270 ± 27 Ohm

Rated value

 150 Ohm

Loop resistanve

 £ 110 Ohm /km

Shield resistance

 £ 9.5 Ohm /km

FC Trailing Cable

 approx. 28.5 nF/km

The table below lists the PROFIBUS-DP bus connectors for use in conjunction with the diagnostic repeater:

Type of Connector

Order No. (MLFB)

PROFIBUS-DP bus connector (12 MBaud)

6ES7 972-0BA12-0XA0

PROFIBUS-DP bus connector (12 MBaud)

6ES7 972-0BB12-0XA0

PROFIBUS-DP bus connector  (12 MBaud)

6ES7 972-0BA41-0XA0

PROFIBUS-DP bus connector (12 MBaud)

6ES7 972-0BB41-0XA0

PROFIBUS-DP bus connector (12 MBaud)
without socket for PG

6ES7 972-0BA50-0XA0

PROFIBUS-DP bus connector (12 MBaud)
with socket for PG

6ES7 972-0BB50-0XA0

PROFIBUS-DP bus connector (12 MBaud)
with straight cable exit

6GK1 500-0FC00

If you wish to use connectors that are not listed in the above table, the design guidelines of the diagnostic repeater specify bus connectors with integrated series inductivity according to IEC 61158:Ed3 Type 3:

Inductivity (L1 to L4): 110 nH 20%
Resistance between A and A', as well as between B and B': £ 0.35 Ohm

Technical data


(WxHxD in mm) 80 x 125 x 66.3


  • FastConnect insulation-piercing technology
  • We recommend the use of a stripping tool
  • Socket for PG: 9-pin Sub-D
  • Supply voltage 24 V DC (PE, M, L+)


  • Group error SF (red), bus fault BF (red),
  • Repeater functionality DR on/off (green),
    Power ON, 24 V DC (green)
  • Bus activity signal per segment (yellow)
  • Cable fault per measuring segment (red)

Bus address

DIP Switch, address setting up to 125

Temperature range

0° C to 60° C for vertical mounting
0° C to 40° C for horizontal mounting

Degree of protection

IP 20


Standard mounting rail or S7-300 mounting rail

Cable length per segment that can be diagnosed

100m (independent of the Baud rate)


Max. of 9 diagnostic repeaters in series


Plus/minus 1 meter

For use in:

also in conjunction with: ProfiSafe and constant cycle time

Ordering data


Order No.

Start of delivery

Diagnostic repeater

6ES7 972-0AB01-0XA0

Now available

German user manual

6ES7 972-0AB01-8AA0

Now available on Internet, 
printed version in approx. 4 weeks

English user manual

6ES7 972-0AB01-8BA0

printed version in approx. 8 weeks

French user manual

6ES7 972-0AB01-8CA0

printed version in approx. 8 weeks

Diagnostic package for S7/WinCC


Now available

Diagnostic package for S7/TD/OP


Now available

Diagnostic block
FB/FC 125 for S7


Now available

Service Pack 2 for


Now available


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