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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 142221, Entry date: 05/06/2003

Analog modules in the expansion unit via the interface module IM 305

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Can I operate analog modules (block type) in the expansion unit in conjunction with the interface module IM 305?

No analog modules of the block type (6ES5 4..-7....) can be addressed in the expansion unit.

This is because of the fixed slot address of the block modules in conjunction with the IM 305.

You can only operate these analog modules on slots 0-3 of the central controller module. 32 bytes of I/O are reserved thus giving the following initial addresses of the slots regardless of whether you implement 8-channel or 16-channel analog modules.

Slot 0 -> initial address 128
Slot 1 -> initial address 160
Slot 2 -> initial address 192
Slot 3 -> initial address 224

Further information regarding this topic can be found in chapter 6.2.1 "Fixed slot address assignment" of the manual for the S5- 115U, which is available for download under entry ID: 1085937.