Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 142483, Entry date: 03/05/2001

Function of the "BASP" LED

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What does "BASP" mean?

In BASP mode (inhibit command output) all the digital outputs are inhibited. BASP is deactivated by the CPU when the RUN state is entered and activated upon transition to the STOP state. BASP is activated in STARTUP and STOP.
If an automatic or manual warm restart is made prior to going into RUN, then the BASP LED first goes off when the rest of the cycle has been processed.

Exception: in test mode with multiprocessor operation the BASP is not active - refer here to your system manual. Therefore, you should never activate the test mode under running production conditions, but only during the start-up phase.

Just in case you forget to connect the power supply of the monitor input (load voltage monitoring), then the BASP LED is also enabled and the CPU can very well be in RUN. This monitoring can also be switched off. Please refer to your system manual for more information.

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