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Memory concept of the AG 95

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How large is the memory of the AG 95 and how can I use it?

The following versions of the S5-95 U with a second interface have memories of 20 KB:

S5-95U with SINEC L2 interface 6ES5 095-8MB02 as of Version A02
S5-95U with second serial interface 6ES5 095-8MC01 as of Version A04
S5-95U with SINEC L2 DP slave interface 6ES5 095-8MD01 as of Version A02
S5-95U with SINEC L2 DP master interface 6ES5 095-8ME01 as of Version A01

Of the 20 KB user memory of the AG 95 you can use up to 16 KB for your user program.
At least 4 KB must be reserved for data blocks.
The blocks can be transferred to the PLC in random order.
The versions with just one interface (PG interface) have a memory of 16 KB:

S5-95U Basic Unit 6ES5 095-8MA03 as of Version A01

You can use the 16 KB of user memory as you wish for program and data blocks.

The AG 95F owns a user memory of 16KB, from which 8 KB are reserved for the data and 8 KB are reserved for the application. This applies for every AG 95F!

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