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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 14326542, Entry date: 01/22/2003

New IM 153-2 High Feature Interface Module for ET200M  

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A new advanced stage of the IM 153-2, the IM 153-2 High Feature, is now available for delivery.

The new IM 153-2 High Feature interface module will supplement the range of ET 200M interface modules by high-level functions for production technology and process control and will be positioned next to the existing IM 153-1 and IM 153-2 interface modules.

The new IM 153-2 High Feature interface module contains mainly functions for high-end applications in manufacturing and process control. The new functions are based on the functional scope of the existing IM 153-2.

The new IM 153-2 High Feature interface module has the following functions in addition to the IM 153-2:

FW Update:
The new IM 153-2 High-Feature will enable you to perform your own firmware update in the future. You can perform this firmware update either on site by means of a PG on the local port of the IM 153-2, or via bus from a central engineering station. You can also perform the firmware update by means of a MMC (Micro Memory Card). At present, the firmware update is only possible for non-redundant systems.

Identification functions (I&M functions):
The new interface modules contain certain preset data. The user has the added possibility of storing additional data on the module, e.g. information about the module required for the support of FDA validation activities,  for plant documentation, or to read out module-specific data, such as the firmware version, from a central point during operation.
The following information can be stored on, or retrieved from the interface module: 




Location designation






Serial no.


SW/FW version


HW release


Date of installation


Order/Part no.


Module revision counter

Reduced changeover times for redundant operation:
Considerable performance increase in the changeover times for redundant operation, from approx. 50 to 60 ms previously to approx. 10ms today. However, in order to achieve the full scope of the new functions, the new IM/IM basic module must be used.

On-line expansion (CiR):
In conjunction with the new S7-400 CPUs and the new STEP 7 version V5.2, the new interface module permits the on-line addition of new slaves and the addition of modules to existing slaves, as well as changing of module parameters.

Constant cycle time and isochrone mode:
In addition to the non-synchronous transmission of slave data via the bus, the new module will also permit transmission of data in isochrone mode. This function too can only be used together with suitable new modules. More details about these modules is available from the publication with entry ID 14054509

Improved time tag:
The time tag has been improved to an accuracy of 3ms. The existing interface modules only permit time tags with 10ms accuracy. In addition, it is also be possible to use time tags within the framework of our SIMATIC systems, independently of PCS 7 / WinCC. The new IM furthermore relieves the load on the Ethernet bus interface module, because a clock pulse from the master is now only required every 10s, with the same accuracy. Previously a pulse was needed every second.

Unbundled I/Os:
Are now possible in the case of non-Siemens systems, especially for diagnostics, where a block-by block addition of the individual diagnostics blocks, such as identification-specific diagnostics, module status, channel-specific diagnostics, is required.

The new interface module has been released as DP V1 slave. This relates mainly to the expansion of the diagnostic buffer to the max. size permitted by the DP V1 standard and the expansion of the diagnostic data sets for modules.

Approval for Ex-Zone 2:
The new IM 153-2 High-Feature interface module has been certified and released for installation in Ex-Zone 2.

Functional grading of the interface modules

Interface Module


IM 153-1

  • Profibus DP standard slave with DPV1 and S7 functionality,
  • Basic functions for operation with simple FMs, CPs of the S7-300 module spectrum (see User Manual for more information)
  • For standard applications 

IM 153-2

  • same as IM 153-1 plus full functionality for connection of FMs, CPs,...
  • Redundant applications for S5, S7, S7 software and S7-400H
  • Time tags and clock synchronisation
  • Transmission of parameterization data to intelligent field devices

IM 153-2 High-Feature

  • Same functions as IM 153-2
  • In addition the above new functions
  • Redundancy to Profibus V2

Prerequisites / restrictions:
To be able to use the CiR, constant cycle time and isochrone mode functions you require the new firmware V3.1 for S7-400 CPUs. More information about the new firmware version V3.1 is available under the entry ID: 14040505

The constant cycle time and isochrone mode functions have not been released for use with the IM 153-2 High Feature FO (fiber optics) interface module.

The new variant of the IM 153-2  High-Feature FO interface module replaces the existing IM 153-2 FO variant.

Together with the new IM 153-2 High Feature interface module, a new IM 153-2 redundancy bundle for the connection to fault-tolerant systems (41x-H CPUs) is available. The existing redundancy bundle will remain available for the time being.

Product Previous Order No. New Order No.
IM 153-2 FO 6ES7 153-2AB01-0XB0   6ES7 153-2BB00-0XB0
Redundanzbundle 6ES7 153-2AR00-0XA0 6ES7 153-2AR01-0XA0

To be able to use the above new functionality of the IM 153-2 High Feature standard and FO interface modules for redundant operation, the new BM IM/IM bus module 6ES7 195-7HD10-0XA0 must be employed. In the case of non-redundant operation all the functions are available also with the existing bus modules.

Of course, the new IM 153-2 High Feature standard and FO interface modules can also be used with the existing BM IM/IM bus module 6ES7 195-7HD00-0XA0 for redundant operation, but the new functionality is not available in this case.

The new IM 153-2 High Feature FO is upwardly compatible and can thus replace to-day's IM 153-2 FO in the case of a spare part requirement.

Ordering data:


Order No.

IM 153-2 High-Feature

6ES7 153-2BA00-0XB0

IM 153-2 High-Feature FO

6ES7 153-2BB00-0XB0

Active bus module BM IM/IM

6ES7 195-7HD10-0XA0

IM153 Redundancy bundle

6ES7 153-2AR01-0XA0

User Manual for "ET 200M Decentralized I/O System"


6ES7 153-1AA00-8AA0
6ES7 153-1AA00-8BA0
6ES7 153-1AA00-8CA0

Please get in touch with your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens Office if you have any further questions.

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