Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 14328328, Entry date: 01/21/2003

Available fonts in ProTool Runtime

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Which fonts are available in ProTool Runtime of a PC?

Basically, all fonts that are installed on the PC are available in ProTool Runtime. Most fonts are made available by the installation of the operation system on the PC.

As every operating system supports different fonts, please avoid installing two different operating systems on the project PC and the runtime PC.

When on a runtime PC the projected font is not supported in ProTool/Pro, the ProTool Runtime uses a Windows standard font, like e. g. Arial. This can cause objects in ProTool Runtime to change, i. e. writings might appear bigger resp. smaller.


  • Use the same operating system for the programming device and the ProTool runtime PC, if possible.
  • Please see that all projected fonts are also installed on the ProTool runtime PC.
  • Install client specific fonts on the programming device as well as on the ProTool runtime PC.