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What options exist for ordering missing plug-in terminal strips for the power supply of Panels, Panel PCs and Box PCs?

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Specific plug-in terminal strips are required to assemble power supply cables for operator panels. This entry shows you the options for procuring these terminal strips.

Connection components for operator panels and IPCs are generally available in the Siemens Industry Mall in the node HMI Connection Components
or at the links below.
Power supply connectors for IPC627/827/677
Power supply connectors for IPC227/277/427/477

For some operator panels there are service sets available which include connectors and other small parts.
Service packages for operator panels

HMI accessories in the Industry Mall, in the TIA Selection Tool and in the IPC Configuration Editor

  • Industry Mall
    The Siemens Industry Mall includes an extensive range of Panel and IPC Accessories which you can order directly. The accessories are divided into functions to make finding the required product easier.
  • TIA Selection Tool
    Select your panel in the TIA Selection Tool. The tool automatically offers you the matching accessories.
    Link to the TIA Selection Tool

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