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What should you watch out for when converting from TI programs to S7 programs?

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The delivery package of STEP 7 includes a tool for converting from TI programs to S7 programs, which is supported by the SIMATIC TI systems TI 405 and TI 505. You can call the relevant TI system via the Start menu in MS Windows:

  • "Start > SIMATIC > STEP 7 > TI 405-S7 Converting TI Files"
  • "Start > SIMATIC > STEP 7 > TI 505-S7 Converting TI Files"

Online Help is available in English. The "TI-S7 Converting Blocks" library is available in the SIMATIC Manager under

  • "File > Open... > Tab: Library > Standard Library".

Or you drag-and-drop the required block directly into the LAD/FBD/STL editor. In the LAD/FBD/STL editor you select the "Overviews" view and in the "Program Elements" tab you open the folder below:

  • "Libraries > Standard Library > TI-S7 Converting Blocks".

Fig. 01

The table below lists the standard STEP 7 blocks for use in the converted TI programs.

Block Symbol Name +Functionality Notes
FC80  TONR TIMERS Start time as latching ON delay If function FC80 is called several times in succession, then the output variable "Q" must not be stored on DB variable or local data.
FC81 IBLKMOV MOVE Transfer data area indirectly  
FC82 RSET BIT_LOGC Reset marker or IO area in the process picture  
FC83  SET BIT_LOGC Set marker or IO area in the process picture  
FC84  ATT TABLE Enter value in table  
FC85 FIFO TABLE Output first value of table  
FC86 TBL_FIND TABLE Search value in table  
FC87 LIFO TABLE Output last value of table  
FC88  TBL TABLE Run table operation  
FC89 TBL_WRD TABLE Copy value from the table  
FC90 WSR SHIFT Store data in shift register  
FC91  WRD_TBL TABLE Link value logically with table element and save  
FC92 SHRB SHIFT Shift bit in the shift register  
FC93 SEG CONVERT Generate bit pattern for 7-segment display  
FC94 ATH CONVERT Convert ASCII character string into hexadecimal number When using function FC94, the parameters "IN" and "OUT" must not point to data blocks at the same time.
FC95 HTA CONVERT Convert hexadecimal number into ASCII character string When using function FC95, the parameters "IN" and "OUT" must not point to data blocks at the same time.
FC96 ENCO CONVERT Set default bit in the word  
FC97 DECO CONVERT Read number of least significant bit  
FC98 BCDCPL CONVERT Generate ten’s complement  
FC99 BITSUM CONVERT Count number of bits set  
FC100 RSETI BIT_LOGC Reset output area immediately  
FC101 SETI BIT_LOGC Set output area immediately  
FC102 DEV MATH_FP Standard deviation Function FC102 only works in REAL mode (B#16#08). The block does not work in the "INT" and "DINT" modes.
FC103 CDT TABLE Correlated data tables  
FC104 TBL_TBL TABLE Table linking When using function FC104, the parameters "TBL1" and "TBL2" must not point to data blocks at the same time.
FC105 SCALE CONVERT Scale values Suitable only for current, voltage and resistance measurements.
FC106 UNSCALE CONVERT Descale values  
FB80 LEAD_LAG CONVERT Lead/Lag algorithm  
FB81 DCAT TIMERS Discrete controller time interrupt  
FB82 MCAT TIMERS Motor controller time interrupt  
FB83 IMC COMPARE Index Matrix comparison  
FB84 SMC COMPARE Matrix scanner  
FB85 DRUM TIMERS Maskable drum event  
FB86 PACK MOVE Capture/distribute table data  
Table 1: Overview of standard routines for use in converted TI programs

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