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Which modules support clock-synchronized operation on the PROFIBUS-DP?

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Clock synchronicity with PROFIBUS DP is used to establish a direct connection between the equidistant DP cycle, the IO modules and the user program.

The list below shows which modules support clock-synchronized operation as PROFIBUS DP master.

14747677_PROFIBUS_DP_Taktsynchronität_en.pdf ( 69 KB )

You can only use the internal DP interfaces of the CPUs for clock-synchronized communication with PROFIBUS DP.
You can use STEP 7 V5.2 and higher or TIA Portal for configuring.

The clock synchronicity is also supported by the complete product group "SIMODRIVE 611U", "SINAMICS" and "MASTERDRIVE MC". The following are required in order to configure the drives: Drive ES Basic V5.2 or higher, STEP 7 V5.2 or higher and one of the CPUs mentioned above.

Additional Information

  • More information about clock synchronicity is available in the manual entitled "SIMATIC Clock Synchronicity" in Entry ID 15218045.

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