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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 14766288, Entry date: 03/20/2003

Re-design of the 1PH7 and 1PL6 induction motors, shaft height 180

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As part of the ongoing product update, we have revised the 1PH7 and 1PL6 motors, shaft height 180.

When redesigning the motors, special emphasis was placed on the compatibility tho the previous design. The main dimensions, e. g. the hole dimensions for foot mounting, the dimensions for the terminal box including the position of the cable entries as well as the fan dimensions were kept unchanged.

The characteristic electrical data of the motor also remain unchanged. This especially applies to the drive converter setting data as well as the code numbers of the motors. We have been able to optimize the fan assembly so that we have achieved lower noise emission values. This means that the fan supply parameters have slightly changed. The new fan data is described in the following text.

From our perspective, the changes/modifications which have been made as well as the optimization of the fan assembly have had no effects on the dimensions and requirements which are relevant to our customers. However, in the following text, we would like to provide you with some detailed information about the re-design and the advantages which have been obtained for the ongoing successful marketing of shaft height 180.

The MRPF (Machine Readable Product Designation) structure has been supplemented. However, it remains essentially unchanged for motors in the same version (refer to the Attachment MRPD [Machine Readable Product Designation] structure).

1. Important features of the motor redesign and their advantages/benefits

  • New stator design using a welded stator core
    - The stator has become stiffer therefore offering a higher vibration stiffness
    - Flexible lifting lugs have been used so that the disturbing protuberances are reduced
  • The air cooling ducts and fan assembly have been optimized
    Lower noise emission values (1PH7: 73 dB(A), 1PL6: 73 dB(A) to n=3000 1/min this means that the optional noise damping measures, previously optionally available, can be eliminated for many applications
  • The bearing design has been revised
    - General changeover for belt out-drives from double to single bearings but still
    maintaining the same permissible cantilever forces
    - The bearing lifetime has been increased using the optional re-lubrication device on the
    drive end and non-drive end,
    Coupling out-drive:    up to 40,000 hours
    Belt out-drive/increased cantilever forces:    up to 24,000 hours
  • New expanded functions and options:
    - The previous PG cable glands or metric cable glands can be optionally ordered
    according to the new Standard (EN 50262).
    - A list of all of the expanded functions and options can be taken from the updated
    Order No. [MLFB] structure (refer to Point 4).

2. Changeover schedule/dates

The changeover to the new motor design will be made from order entries in Week 21 (19th May 2003). All of the orders for motors which are entered after this date will be executed and built according to the new motor design. The changeover to the new design will have no impact on the delivery time of the motors (the delivery time of the motors = 6 weeks)!

3. What do you have to observe?

The new motors are mechanically and electrically compatible to the present motor design. The only differences are in the shape of the new stator design (square contour with distinctive corners), and with the design of the lifting lugs and the supply data of the fan assembly. As far as these differences are concerned, you will be provided with an extensive package of documents with this product announcement.

4. Sales/marketing documentation

Today's sales/marketing documentation, such as the Catalogs NC 60 and DA 65.3, as well as characteristics and engineering instructions can continue to be used. Documents are provided with this product announcement which document the changes and modifications which have been made as well as a set of overheads which you can then use to simply explain the re-design to your customers.

As attachments you will find the following:

Set of overheads for sales/marketing communications with a pictorial comparison of the 1PH7 - today's design compared to the new design:

Productinformation_Redesign_1PH7_shaftheight180__76.ppt ( 648 KB )

Dimension drawing comparison 1PH7184 - a comparison between today's design and the new design (the relevant dimensions changes have been marked):

Vergleich_comparison_1PH7_00_76.pdf ( 86 KB )

Dimension drawings 1PH7 (PDF), cooling air flow drive end => non-drive end (the dimensions drawings for 1PL6 will be made available at a later date):

1PH7184_IMB3.pdf ( 106 KB )

1PH7184_IMB35_A400.pdf ( 118 KB )

1PH7184_IMB35_A450.pdf ( 117 KB )

1PH7186_IMB3.pdf ( 108 KB )

1PH7186_IMB3_gr_Klemmenkasten.pdf ( 115 KB )

1PH7186_IMB35_A450.pdf ( 118 KB )

1PH7186_IMB35_A450_gr_Klemmenkasten.pdf ( 119 KB )

MRPD [Machine Readable Product Designation] structure, 1PH7 with options:

1PH7_Bestellnr._Ergänzung_Redesign_AH180_00_76.pdf ( 61 KB )

MRPD [Machine Readable Product Designation] structure, 1PL6 with options:

1PL6_Bestellnr._Ergänzung_Redesign_AH180_00_76.pdf ( 58 KB )

Terminal box assignment with information about the cable glands and the cable cross-sections which can connect it:

Klemmenkastenzuordnung_AH180_Redesign_00_76.pdf ( 47 KB )


For more detailed information please contact your local Siemens office.

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