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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 14957108, Entry date: 03/27/2003

Service Pack 2 for STEP 5 V7.15 and higher (also suitable for STEP 5 V7.2)

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The Service Pack 2 for STEP 5 is now available. This Service Pack can be used both for STEP 5 V7.15 and for STEP 5 V7.2 and higher.


  • STEP 5 CP5x11 as L2 interface. This Service Pack now also enables the communication to an S5-95 PLC.
  • In some system environments, the S5EPROM.EXE program supplied with STEP 5 V7.21 could not estabilsh a connection to the USB prommer, because of incomplete registration. The new Service Pack supplements these register entries.

Other constituents of the Service Pack

  • STEP 5 Print add on program: The S5PRINT.EXE program enables printing of  STEP 5 documents on printers set up under MS Windows operating systems. You will find instructions for this program under S5PRINTx.PDF.
  • STEP 5 Eprom add on program: The S5EPROM.EXE program enables programming of S5EPROM / EEPROM submodules and S5 Memory Cards via the SIMATIC USB Prommer. You will find instructions for this program under S5EPROMx.PDF. In this context please read the existing publication with the entry ID 13678403.

PDF Documents

  • PDF Documents on the above additions are available under C:\S5_Info

S5CP511D.PDF (German) or S5CP511E.PDF (English) to use the CP5x11 as L2 interface.

S5EPROMD.PDF (German) or S5EPROME.PDF (German) for the S5EPROM add on program

S5PRINTD.PDF (German) or S5PRINTE.PDF (German) for the S5PRINT add on program

The Service Pack can be used under the following STEP 5 versions:

  • STEP 5 Basic package V7.15 and higher or V7.2x and higher, or
  • STEP 5 for Mini PLCs V7.15 and higher or V7.2x and higher

Operating system preconditions:

  • This Service Pack is only suitable for use under Windows NT based operating systems.
  • These are: Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Installation hints:

  • Please note the detailled hints on installation contained in the file S5_SP2.TXT

Download of the Service Pack 2 for STEP 5 V7.15 and higher and V7.2 and higher
 STEP5_SP2.zip ( 9992 KB )

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