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Labeling strips for ET 200B, ET 200L and ET 200S

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The download includes templates for labeling strips for ET 200B, ET 200L and ET 200S

  • ET 200B and ET 200L
  • ET 200S

Instructions for printing the labeling strips

1. Labeling strips for ET 200B and ET 200L
The templates for ET 200B and ET 200L are designed for printing the original petrol-colored labeling sheets directly. For this the gridlines and numbers that are already on the sheets are displayed for better orientation, but are not printed.
Below are the article numbers1) for the labeling sheets.

  • ET 200B
    6ES7193-0BA00-0XA0 for electronics blocks 8RO
    6ES7193-0BB00-0XA0 for electronics blocks 8DI/8DO, 16DI/16DO
    6ES7193-0BC00-0XA0 for electronics blocks 16DO/2A
    6ES7193-0BD00-0XA0 for electronics blocks 32DI, 24DI/8DO, 32DO, 16DI/16DO
    6ES7193-0BE00-0XA0 for analog electronics blocks
    6ES7193-0BF00-0XA0 for electronics blocks AC120/230V
  • ET 200L-SC
    6ES7193-1BH00-0XA0 for 16-channel for electronics blocks
    6ES7193-1BL00-0XA0 for 32-channel for electronics blocks
    6ES7192-2XX00-0AA0 for electronics blocks of the SIMATIC SC

2. Labeling strips for ET 200S
The template for the ET 200S is designed for printing the original colored labeling sheets directly. Here, the lines are printed on sheets.
Below are the article numbers for the labeling sheets.

  • ET 200S:
    6ES7193-4BH00-0AA0 labeling sheet, color: petrol (10 pcs)
    6ES7193-4BB00-0AA0 labeling sheet, color: yellow (10 pcs)
    6ES7193-4BD00-0AA0 labeling sheet, color: red (10 pcs)
    6ES7193-4BA00-0AA0 labeling sheet, color: white (10 pcs)

3. General handling
The templates were created with MS Office 97 and can be stored and used in older versions of Office, although there might well be changes in the layout.

The printing can be done on a laser printer, for example. With laser printing it might happen that the printouts are not rub-resistant. In this case it is recommended to cover sheets printed with a laser printer with transparent adhesive strips or transparent adhesive foil2) before using them.

  1. Set the "Page Layout" view in WORD for making entries in the form templates.
  2. If you call a label and no gridlines are displayed, you should go to the Table menu and enable the button "Show table gridlines".
  3. It is recommended always to do a test print on white paper first.
  4. The dimensions might differ due to differences in the printers and printer drivers and their accuracy, so changes might be necessary. Before using "Table - Row height and width" for making changes you should remove the document protection under "Tools - Remove document protection".
    If the row and column distances are set correctly, you can set the position of the complete template under "File > Page Setup > Margins".
  5. When printing certain labels you get this message: "Margins are outside the print area." You can ignore this message.

1)The article numbers are to be found in the catalog ST70 or in the electronic catalog CA01.
2)Available in stationery stores.

Download of templates

 Registration required template_label.zip (181.7 KB)

Download of macro including templates
Alternatively you can use the following macro to import the labeling strips into Word from an Excel table. The "" download includes an Excel table, the corresponding form templates as Word file and the "Fill_labels" macro.

  1. Enter the content for the labeling sheets in the Excel table.
  2. In Word, in the Settings you select the macro option "Enable all macros".
  3. Then you can run the "Fill_labels" macro.

 Registration required makro_label.zip (251.1 KB)

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