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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 15024627, Entry date: 01/17/2005

Archiving tags/messages in a Microsoft Access database with ProTool/Pro

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What should you watch out for when archiving tags/messages in a Microsoft Access database with ProTool/Pro?

This entry contains all the configuration steps you require to create an Access database and for archiving process data in this database via ProTool/Pro.

The ODBC settings have to be done on the PC on which the ProTool/Pro Runtime is installed.

Software requirements:
ProTool/Pro as from V6.0 SP2.

Creating the Microsoft Access database (Access 2000)

  • Navigate in the Control Panel and double-click Data Sources (ODBC) to open.

    In Windows 2000 f Data Sources (ODBC) is located under Control Panel > Administration.

Fig. 1: Data Sources (ODBC)

  • Create an Access database by clicking the "Add…" button.

Fig. 2: ODBC Data Source Administrator

  • As basis select the "Microsoft Access Driver" and click on "Finish".

Fig. 3: Microsoft Access Driver

  • For "Data Source Name" you enter a designation for the database. The data source name is entered in the ProTool/Pro archive as the identification of the database.
  • Enter a description of the database.

Fig. 4: Data Source Name and Description

  • Via "Create…" you can create a database in any directory structure or you can use "Select…" to choose a database already on your PC or in the network.

Fig. 5: Selecting a database

  • The database is created in the path displayed.

Fig. 6: Microsoft Access Setup

  • Close the dialog with "OK". The configuration of the database is now complete.

Setting in ProTool/Pro

  • In the Properties of you archive you select "Database" as Storage Location and as Data Source Name you enter the name specified in "Data Source Name" in Fig. 6.

Fig. 7: Archive settings