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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 15100125, Entry date: 04/12/2003

Restore CD ROM for SIMATIC Box PCs 620/840 to Restore the Original As Shipped Software State  

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As of May 2003, the SIMATIC Box PCs 620/840 will be supplied with a so-called Restore CD ROM. The Restore CD ROM enables very quick and simple restoring of the pre-installed software of the SIMATIC PCs as originally shipped.

The Restore CD ROM supports the idea of service friendliness. 

The Restore CD ROM enables quick and menu-controlled (and therefore simple) restoring of the software of a SIMATIC PC to the as shipped state. This may be necessary, for instance, after the replacement of a defective hard disk or in the case of a new initialization of the operating system partition, if the latter was damaged by incorrect handling, application errors or due to a virus.

The Restore CD ROM can therefore differentiate between two possibilities:

  1. Restoring the system partition 
    In this case the as shipped state of the system partition (partition no. 1) is restored. Subsequently installed software components, authorizations and data on this partition will be lost. All data on other partitions will remain intact.
  2. Restoring the complete software installation 
    In this case the complete hard disk is returned to the as shipped state. All subsequently changed or added programs, authorizations, data and partitions on the complete hard disk will be lost.

The Restore CD ROM will be included in the scope of supply of the SIMATIC PCs at no extra cost. 

The Recovery CD ROM for the operating system and the Docu&Driver CD ROM with the hardware drivers and the PC documentation is also still included in the scope of supply.

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