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Message after starting up: "Battery needs calibration cycle, please refer to manual".

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After starting up of the Field PG the message appears: "Battery needs calibration cycle, please refer to manual".
What does this message mean and how can I calibrate the battery?


The storage battery contains an electronics showing the current state of charge. It is a measuring unit which has to be calibrated regularly to compensate errors in measurement. As the chemical properties change by time, the electronics have to adapt permanently to the storage battery behaviour. Using a memory cycle ensures the full capacity utilization of the storage battery.

A memory cycle has to be executed:

  • every 3 months
  • after not having used the storage battery during a longer period of time,
  • presuming that the storage battery has no longer the full capacity at its disposal,
  • in case the device turns off abruptly and without warning,
  • when the operation time is being shortened,
  • whenever while booting up the following error message appears: "Battery needs calibration cycle"(accept the message with the F1 key),
  • in case the registry page "Battery" indicates in the "FIELD PG Panel" Tool the message "Battery has not been calibrated",

Execution of the calibration:
The calibration can be carried out using the Tool "Field PG Panel". You can find the tool including an instruction of installation looking at ID 10680121. 
Please see that for a correct working of the tool at least BIOS Version 01.03.41 is required. The present BIOS for the Field PG can be seen at ID 12462512.

Calibration procedure:

  1. Fully charging of the battery up to 100 % of the charge capacity.
  2. Complete unloading of the battery until the battery reaches a battery voltage of less than 9,5 Volts.
  3. Brief charging of the battery (ca. 20 %) until the calibration cycle has been completed.

Important Note:
Before starting the battery calibration, it is essential to remove the check mark for "Warning" (at > energy options") . Otherwise the device would navigate into the sleep mode during a critical energy state in the process of calibration.

After the calibration the check mark for triggering a warning signal when the energy state reaches a certain level can be reset.

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