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How do you transfer data from a server to a Windows-based panel via the FTP protocol?

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Using the "File Transfer Protocol" you can move files between a WinCE panel (e.g. MP370) used as an FTP client and a PC used as an FTP server. This entry explains how to configure the FTP server on the PC and how to connect the WinCE panel to this server using the Pocket Internet Explorer. A requirement for this is that you have a correctly functioning Ethernet connection between the two devices created using a cross-over cable or a hub.
The Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, which can be optionally transferred to a Windows CE panel using ProSave, only supports downloads from the server. Uploads are not supported.


Installation and configuration of the FTP server in Win2000 Server
The table below describes all the steps that are required in order to set up an FTP server in "Microsoft Windows 2000 Server".

No. Procedure
1 Adding Windows components
  • Go to the "Control Panel" and open the "Add or Remove Programs" menu.
  • Select "Add/Remove Windows Components".
  • Enable "Internet Information Services" and click "Details".

Fig. 01

Installing an FTP server

  • Select "FTP Server (File Transfer Protocol)", "Internet Services Manager" and click "OK". Click "Next" to start the installation of the selected components.

Fig. 02
3 Starting the Internet Services Manager
  • Place your "Windows 2000" CD in the CD drive because it is required for installation.
  • Click "Finish" to close the installation wizard.
  • Start the Internet Services Manager via "Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Services Manager".

Fig. 03
4 Inserting a new FTP site
  • Insert a new FTP site.

Fig. 04
5 Creating an FTP site
  • The installation wizard for the new FTP site is started.
  • Click "Next".
  • Enter a description for your site and click "Next".

Fig. 05
6 Specifying the connection settings
  • Select your computer's IP address, e.g. ( Enter 21 under TCP port.

Fig. 06
7 Specifying the home directory for the FTP site
  • Enter a home directory for the FTP data.

Fig. 07
8 Access permission to the FTP site
  • Specify the access authorizations for the FTP data.

Fig. 08
9 Opening the properties for the "PanelSite"
  • Click "Finish" to close the installation wizard. A new FTP site is created with the specified settings.
  • Open the properties for the FTP site which you have created.

Fig. 09
10 Granting access
Go to the "Directory Security" tab and enter the panel's IP address (e.g. under "Grant access".

Fig. 10
11 Starting an FTP site
  • Close the "Standard FTP site" by right-clicking and "Close".
  • Start the FTP site which you created by right-clicking and "Start".

Fig. 11

Configuring an Ethernet connection between the PC and the MP370 operator panel
Entry ID 13336639 contains instructions on how to establish a network connection between a PC and a WinCE panel.
The configuration described here involved using the IP address for the PC and the IP address for the panel with the subnet mask

Transferring the Pocket Internet Explorer to the MP370 with ProSave (from V6.0)
So that the Pocket Internet Explorer is available on the operator panel, this option must be transferred to the operator panel with ProSave.

No. Procedure
1 Transferring the Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Start ProSave via "Start > Simatic > ProSave > ProSave".
  • Open the "General" tab and select the device type (e.g. "MP370 Touch") and the connection type "Ethernet"; then enter the panel's IP address.
  • Change over to the "Options" tab and check the connection by clicking the "Device status" button.
  • Transfer the Pocket Internet Explorer onto the device by moving the Pocket Internet Explorer option to the pane on the right using the arrow buttons.

Fig. 12

Connecting the panel to the FTP server
In order to establish the connection to the FTP server, you require a folder or file in the FTP directory which is created in the FTP server - see Fig. 07.

No. Procedure
1 Starting the Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Start the Pocket Internet Explorer on the operator panel.
  • Enter the following syntax in the address line and click "ENTER" to confirm: (ftp:// "IP address of the FTP server"/)
    The Pocket Internet Explorer connects to the FTP server.

    In order to connect to the FTP server, a folder or file must be created in the home directory for the FTP server.
  • Open any file ("Test.txt" in the example) by clicking the link in the Pocket Internet Explorer.

    The content of the text file, see Fig. 14, is shown in the Pocket Internet Explorer. Files which cannot be shown in the Pocket Internet Explorer are downloaded directly from the FTP server.

Fig. 13
2 "Opening the Save As dialog window
  • Click the "File" menu and select "Save As...".

Fig. 14
3 Saving a file
  • Select the relevant directory (e.g. "Storage Card2") and assign the file, which is being saved, a file name and extension (e.g. "Test.txt").
  • Click "OK" to save the file.

Fig. 15

Data transmission, Network connection

Security information
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