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What are the order numbers for the backup batteries and accumulators for the operator panels?

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The table below gives the order data for the backup battery and accumulators.

No. Operator panels Order data of the backup battery  
1.1 TD10, TD20, OP20, OP30
OP15A with order number: 6AV3515-1EB00
OP15B with order number: 6AV3515-1MA00
OP397 with order number: 6AV3515-1MA10

Backup battery
DC 3V; 480 mAh
Order number:

1.2 OP5, TD17, OP17, OP25, OP27,
TP27, OP35, OP37, TP37,
OP47, OP270, TP270,
MP270, MP270B, MP370;
all other versions of OP15, OP397 

Lithium battery
DC 3.6V; 1.7 Ah
Order number:

1.3 C7-623, C7-624, C7-626 and
C7-633, C7-634
Backup battery
DC 3.6V; 1.5 Ah
Order number:
No. Operator panels Order data for the accumulators
2.1 Mobile Panel 177 DP, Mobile Panel 177 PN,
Mobile Panel 277 DP, Mobile Panel 277 PN
Lithium accumulator options package
DC 3,6V; 1,04 Ah;
Order number:
6AV6 671-5AD00-0AX0
2.2 Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN Additional accumulator (main accumulator)
Order number:
6AV6 671-5CL00-0AX0

1. Backup batteries
The battery ensures that the internal hardware clock of the operator panel continues to run if the power supply is disrupted. With older operator panels, operating data is also saved in the SRAM. Refer to the individual manual for further information.

Please use only those batteries listed in this entry because other batteries usually have a different polarity assignment.

1.1 Backup battery 6AV3972-1XB00-0AA0
In each case, make sure you have the correct polarity - see Fig. 01 and Fig. 02.

Fig. 01

Fig. 02

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Attachment 1: Backup_Battery_6AV3972-1XB00-0AA0.pdf ( 261 KB )

The backup battery 6AV3972-1XB00-0AA0 is totally discontinued and no longer aviable as accessorie. Further information about the total discontinuation can be found in Entry ID: 40466415.

1.2 Backup battery W79084-E1001-B2
The backup battery is simply fastened to the operator panel with cable ties. Refer to the appropriate manual of the operator panel for mounting the backup battery.

Fig. 03

Fig. 04

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Attachment 2: Backup_Battery_W79084-E1001-B2.pdf ( 44 KB )

1.3 Backup battery 6ES7 623-1AE01-5AA0
The backup battery is simply fastened to the operator panel with cable ties. Refer to the appropriate manual of the operator panel for mounting the backup battery.

Fig. 05

Fig. 06

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Attachment 3: Backup_Battery_6ES7-623-1AE01-5AA0.pdf ( 44 KB )

The backup battery shown is identical to the battery (see Attachment 2 for order number), except for the connector plug.

2. Accumulators
The following accumulators are exclusive accessories for the mobile panels.

2.1 Lithium accumulator options package 6AV6671-5AD00-0AX0
With this options package, you do not have to shut down or reboot the mobile panel when changing the connection box.

Fig. 07

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Attachment 4: Akkumulator_6AV6671-5AD00-0AX0.pdf ( 60 KB )

Refer to the article in Entry ID: 24480066 when using this lithium accumulator for the mobile panels.

2.2 Additional accumulator (main accumulator) 6AV6671-5CL00-0AX0
The additional accumulator serves as a replacement accumulator and is structurally identical to the main accumulator of the mobile panel 277 IWLAN.

Fig. 08

Varta, Renata, Duracell, Panasonic, Sonnenschein, Tadiran, CR 2450, Size 2/3AA

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