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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 15261451, Entry date: 05/15/2003

CM 35 Counter Module for S7-300 to Be Phased Out

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The CM 35 counter module for S7-300 will be declared a phased-out product as per October 01, 2003. The module will remain available. After October 01, 2004 the CM 35 module will only be available from our Spare Part Center.

The following items will be declared phased-out products as per 01.10.2003:

  • CM 35 eight-channel counter module, order no.: 6AT1 735-0AA01-0AA0
  • CM 35 Configuration package, order no.: 6AT1 735-0DA01-0YA0


The following predecessor module is only available on a spare part basis since 01.02.2001:

  • CM 35 eight-channel counter module, order no.: 6AT1 735-0AA00-0AA0


We recommend the following modules for new projects:

  • FM 350-1 single-channel counter module, order no.: 6ES7 350-1AH02-0AE0
  • FM 350-2 eight-channel counter module, order no.: 6ES7 350-2AH00-0AE0
  • 1COUNT  single-channel counter module for ET 200S, order no.'s: 6ES7 138-4DA03-0AB0 or 6ES7 138-4DE01-0AB0
  • PROFIBUS encoders, e.g. SIMODRIVE sensor, order no.: 6FX2 001-5FP12, -5FP24, -5QP12, -5QP24
  • FM 352-5 High-Speed Boolean Processor, order no.: 6ES7 352-5AH00-0AE0
  • ...

Please note that the above modules are not functionally compatible. This list only contains a selection of possible modules and does not claim to be complete.

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