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Why does a message appear in STEP 7 stating that there is not a license key present even though the relevant license key is installed?

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There is a range of possible causes for the occurrence described above. Suitable remedies are recommended in the table below:

  1. Incompatible time zone set on the computer
  2. Licenses not displayed in the ALM
  3. Upgrade license key was transferred to the hard disk during installation of STEP 7
  4. Automation License Manager Service not started
  5. Incompatibility of the "Mobile Connect" software of a provider (T-Online, O2 or Vodafone)
No. Procedure:
1 Incompatible time zone set on the computer (behavior cleared in Automation License Manager V3.0)
Please check whether you have one of the following time zones set on your computer:
  • (GMT -03:30) Newfoundland
  • (GMT +03:30) Teheran
  • (GMT +04:30) Kabul
  • (GMT +05:30) Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, New Delhi
  • (GMT +09:30) Adelaide
  • (GMT +09:30) Darwin

STEP 7 cannot find any license key in these time zones with a "half" hour.

Set a different time zone. For example, instead of "(GMT +09:30) Darwin" select the time zone "(GMT +10:00) Brisbane".

The Unlock Copy License (UCL) is recognized as usual in time zones with a "half" hour.

2 Licenses not displayed in the ALM
You have previously used a version of STEP 7 from V5.3 onwards on your computer, and your license key has been approved as error-free up to now. A message now appears indicating that the license key for STEP 7 cannot be found. Furthermore, the licenses are no longer displayed in the ALM. However, if you log in under another user name, the license key is found properly.

STEP 7 creates a file for each license query. If there is a large number of files, the behavior described above occurs after some time.

In order to make the licenses visible again in the Automation License Manager and to be able to restart STEP 7, you must reduce the number of files in the "S-1-5-18" and "MachineKeys" folders.

  1. In the Windows Explorer you navigate to the directory "C:\Documents and Settings/All Users\Application data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA"
  2. Mark the "MachineKeys" folder and delete all the files older than two days.
  3. Then mark the "S-1-5-18" folder and here also delete all the files older than two days.

You can then see the licenses again in the Automation License Manager and you can restart STEP 7.

Note that this path contains other folders. If you have used this remedy we recommend that you check the access data for T-Online when you next start up your computer.

3 Upgrade license key was transferred to the hard disk
If you have transferred the upgrade license key of STEP 7 to your hard disk, then when you start your new version of STEP 7, you get the message stating that the license key is invalid. The cause for this behavior is that you now have two different license keys on your computer, but no valid license key for the new version of STEP 7.

You still have to upgrade the license key. Information about this is available in

  • our entry entitled "How do you install, uninstall and upgrade license keys?" in Entry ID: 19100818,
  • or the Online Help of STEP 7 under "Upgrading licenses".

Once you have made the upgrade, you can start your new version of STEP 7.

Please refer to the information in the Online Help of the Automation License Manager: "Installing License Keys". You cannot install upgrade license keys during Setup.

4 Automation License Manager Service not started
Check whether the Automation License Manager Service is started in the administration settings of your computer. If the Automation License Manager service is terminated or interrupted, you must restart it.
  1. Open the Control Panel in Windows via "Start > Settings > Control Panel".
  2. Double-click on "Administration" and then on "Services".
  3. In the "Services" dialog you right-click on "Automation License Manager Service" and then click on the "Start" or "Restart" button in the dialog that opens. Then STEP 7 will recognize the license key.
5 Incompatibility of the "Mobile Connect" software of a provider (T-Online, O2 or Vodafone)
Generally, this concerns mobile computers like laptops and field PGs that rely on a mobile Internet connection. "Mobile Connect" software of a provider like T-Online, O2 or Vodafone is installed on these computers. This software includes an optimization component for communication. This optimization component is not compatible with the Windows communications structure, which has the following effect on the Automation License Manager:
  • The Automation License Manager hangs or cannot be started.
  • SIMATIC products hang or cannot find the installed license key.

You must disable the optimization component when setting up the "Mobile Connect" software. The following remedy is based on the Vodafone Mobile Connect software.

  1. Start the Vodafone Mobile Connect Installer via "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Software > Change or Remove Programs".
  2. Mark the "Mobile Connect" software and click on the "Change" button. The Vodafone Mobile Connect Installer starts.
  3. Select the "Modify" function in Program Maintenance and then click on "Next".
  4. Disable the "Optimization Software" option as shown in Fig. 01.
  5. Click on the "Next" button to continue the installation. After installation you must restart your PC.

If you are installing "Mobile Connect" software for the first time, you must select the "Custom" function after starting the Setup. In this way you get to the dialog where you can disable the "Optimization Software" option.

Fig. 01

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