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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 15293734, Entry date: 06/04/2003

Jobshop, NC Start not possible when commissioning an axis.

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For a ShopMill/ShopTurn Open installation, the NC Start to commission (start-up) an axis is not possible.

In the ShopMill/ShopTurn PLC, the NC Start to commission an axis, is only transferred in the ISO mode. However, for an Open installation, the ISO mode is not signaled to the PLC which means that the ShopMill/ShopTurn interface (screen) remains active.

- Select the Commissioning area and reset the NCK. After the control system has run-up again, the ShopMill/ShopTurn interface is cancelled and the ISO mode is active.
- Alternatively, the ShopMill/ShopTurn interface can be cancelled by changing a display machine data (e.g. MD 9000 LCD_CONTRAST).

From ShopMill/ShopTurn Version 6.4, this remedy is no longer required. If the "traversing requirements/drive test" interface signal is active DB21.DBX317.5, then the NC Start is also transferred when the ShopMill/ShopTurn interface is active. 

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