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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 153554, Entry date: 06/24/2004

Digital input/output module 6ES5 482-8MA13 (16DE/16DA) and on-board I/O of the AG 95 / pulse at the digital outputs

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When the power supply L+ (24V) is switched to the module, the outputs switch through for a short time. How can I suppress this pulse?

In this case there is a short impulse with very low energy (average period of time ca. 100 µs). Due to technical reasons, this impulse cannot be avoided. A normal digital input of a SPS does not respond to this impulse. Very sensitive, quickly responding loads (e. g. electronic counter, converter) however, can respond.

You can switch an external capacitor to the digital outputs. You switch the capacitor between the digital output and ground.

  • Ceramic capacitor 60V / 100nF

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