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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 15364249, Entry date: 07/15/2003

Open Architecture, release for general availability HMI programming package V6.3.14  and HMI Add-In 1.1

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Effective immediately, the HMI programming package V6.3.14 and the HMI Add-In  package V1.1  have been released for general availability.

Release for general availability, HMI programming package V6.3.14

The V6.3.14 HMI programming package allows applications to be generated under WinNT 4 / SP6 and Windows XP Professional and guarantees compatibility to Windows NT 4 applications. The 32-bit applications, generated using the HMI programming package, can be run both under Windows NT as well as also under Windows XP Professional. 16-bit applications running under Windows XP Professional will no longer be supported. To run 16-bit applications under Windows NT, the attached file 'patch\mmc2\rngkrnl.exe' should be copied into the mmc2 directory.

HMI-Advanced, including the installed OEM applications, can still be operated with two different designs: With the previous Look&Feel and in the "NewDesign" (new colors, Softkey shape, form (dialog header).

Please refer to the following Release Note for additional functions:

release_notes_76.pdf ( 23 KB )

An Open Architecture copying license must be ordered for every other piece of additional hardware - PCU50/70 or PCs in general, on which the generated application is to be run.

To order the HMI programming package, an OEM contract must have been first signed.


  • The remote diagnostics software is no longer included in the scope of the HMI programming package. 
  • We recommend Visual Studio Version 6 when generating applications under Windows XP and Windows NT4.
  • The installation instructions are part of the CD and, when required, can be printed-out.
  • The generated application can be tested using the "HMI Advanced for PC / PG" included in the HMI programming package.

SN3_P_OA_HMI_D1_76.ppt ( 262 KB )

Release for general availability HMI Add-In package V1.1

The Open Architecture copying license allows the openness of the SINUMERIK operator software "HMI Advanced" and that of Transline 2000 HMI Pro to be used - as well as the use of communication interface to subordinate controls for each piece of hardware used - with a SINUMERIK operator panel or a standard PC, to be used.

This openness is available when using the HMI programming package and the HMI configuring package. This means that it is possible to generate operator interfaces, which can be integrated in the HMI Advanced as well as operator interfaces which can run as standalone applications, i.e. without HMI Advanced and which use the communication interfaces of SINUMERIK.

The HMI Add-In package is intended for all machinery construction OEMs which have applications which run, without Sinumerik communications, on the SINUMERIK operator panel or a Standard PC and who wish to integrate this application into the HMI Advanced. The HMI Add-In package includes the appropriate documentation which describes how applications such as these are integrated into HMI Advanced as well as an Open Architecture copy license.

To order the HMI Add-In package, an OEM contract must have been first signed.

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