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How do you configure an S7 connection for the SIMATIC NET OPC server via PROFIBUS with the SIMATIC NET PC software?

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Configuration Notes:  
In this example, a CP5611 is used for the S7 communication via the OPC server to an S7 controller on the PROFIBUS.

The procedure described here also applies for communication processors CP5613/14 A2, CP5621 and CP5511/CP5512.

General information:
The requirement is that one of the two following configuration tools is installed.

  • NCM PC: 
    NCM PC is supplied with the SIMATIC NET CD and permits you to create PC projects and open STEP 7 projects. However, it is not possible to use this software to edit the S7 blocks in the STEP 7 project.
  • STEP 7:  
    STEP 7 is a separate software package and permits you to create S7-400, S7-300 and PC projects. It is possible to use this software to edit the S7 blocks.

Please follow the instructions below for configuring the PC station.

Guideline_S7_PB_e.pdf ( 1454 KB )

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